When I first saw Etude House mentioned on The Black Pearl Blog, I had to drag myself away. I took one look at the gorgeous, girlie, pink packaging and decided that it was just too dangerous for me to explore the brand any further, particularly with it not being a brand readily available here in England. Yet despite my best efforts, Etude House would just not leave my consciousness. When the lovely Michelle blogged about her watercolour blush, that was it, I decided I was going to have a look, and yeah, I was right, my wishlist grew another mile.

Realistically speaking, it would be stupid for me to own everything on this wishlist, but hey, that's what wishlists are. That being said, there are some items I just can't resist. I love products that are different from my usual format, so the Watercolour Blusher (top right) intrigues me, not to mention I've been after a lilac blush for a while now although I love the look of the other shades available too. The little 3 in 1 tins in the bottom left are fascinating too, there's like a creamy pot version of the E.L.F All Over Colour Sticks and I'd love to see how versatile these actually are. The Etoinette Heart Blusher is simply gorgeous and I want it for the packaging alone. As for the Chocolate Highlighter, oh my god. I will get my hands on this at some point. It's just way too cute and I love a good highlighter. I'm also seriously tempted by the Cocktail Nails in the top left corner. Cute, glittery, girly nail art is my favourite.

As I've never actually own anything from Etude House, I'm really not too sure what the quality is like and whether their products would agree with my skin or not. However, all their products would just look so pretty sat on my dresser, that I'd spend money on them regardless.

Have you tried Etude House?