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So as many of you may already know if you follow me via any other social media, last Sunday I attended Leeds Blogger Meet. Organised by the lovely Georgina and Nicola, it turned out to be an absolutely amazing day. After an awkward beginning of us all stood outside Topshop wondering if we were there for the meet or not, we all finally clocked on that we were there for the same reason and we waited for everyone else to arrive. Once everyone had turned up, we made our way the venue, which was Friends of Ham. This was an excellent choice. Despite living 15 minutes away from Leeds my whole life, I've never known about this place before but it's seriously right up my street. I know next time James comes to visit I'll be dragging him there so I can sample the food properly (and the huge array of alcohol too, let's be honest). The decor is just so quirky and I love meat and cheese so yeah!

At Friends of Ham, Nicola gave us a talk about a brand she's involved with called Arbonne. It's safe to say this was a very good talk because I am now involved with Arbonne too! Previous to speaking to Nicola on Twitter and via email, Arbonne was a brand I had never heard of but now I'm kicking myself for not discovering them sooner. They're all natural, cruelty free, vegan products and boy do they work wonders. The primer is the best I've ever used and well, so is the foundation. The skin care I've sampled has been good too although I'll need to try it properly before I full make my mind up about it. I've got a big parcel of Arbonne goodies coming tomorrow and I've never been this excited for a parcel before; coming from me, that's saying a lot. We were also given a talk by a sweet girl from clothing store Ark. Although I remember Ark from my days of frequenting the Corn Exchange circa 2005, I'd never really looked into it. After Rebecca's talk though I was very interested and a few of us headed down to Ark after we had finished in Friends of Ham. Safe to say I could drop a few hundred quid in there, it's great. I particularly loved some adorable little pug necklaces in there and a cream lacy playsuit. We finished up in Friends of Ham by exchanging business cards, and of course, the super exciting raffle and goodie bags!

Arbonne Goodies
More Arbonne Goodies
Arbonne Goodies I Will Soon Be Sharing In Detail On The Blog
Very, very exciting. 
Adorable Wrapping of the Raffle Prizes - all money went to Yorkshire Air Ambulance 
Lynchburg Lemonade and the TGI Fridays Menu
After we had finished in Friends of Ham, we headed out into Leeds for a spot of shopping, Besides Ark, we also went to the Benefit counter where we were all given free samples of Hello Flawless Foundation and I won myself a Stay Flawless Primer sample. At first I was seriously excited to have these but having discovered Arbonne, I imagine these Benefit samples are going to end up in my sister's possession now! Urban Outfitters was good to have a look in. While I'm not big on the clothes in there anymore, I love the accessories. I spotted a fox purse, a buddha piggy bank and some pretty cool mugs that I wouldn't mind owning. Of course, all that shopping made us very hungry so those of us who didn't have other commitments that day headed on over to TGI Fridays. The meal was positively delicious. Most of us started with a cocktail - I had the Lynchburg Lemonade which is old favourite of mine - a delicious mix of Jack Daniel's and lemonade. The guy at the bar asked me if I'd ever tried the Honey JD and I said no so he offered to put that in there instead and oh my god, that stuff is divine. I couldn't drink JD for ages as I associated it with bad times but I'm really happy I can stomach it again! I decided to skip a starter; not for lack of wanting it, just because my drink and main were quite expensive and I'm still trying to be sensible money wise. It also meant I had room for dessert! I had Jack Daniel's Shrimp as my main which was diiiiivvviiiiiiinnneeee but the cookie dough cheesecake I followed it with was heavenly. I've got pictures of the meal on Instagram here. Sadly, after TGI Fridays it was time to say our goodbyes and go home. Seriously though, it was an amazing day! Shout out to our lovely waitress Vicky who was just lovely and Laura who made our desserts.

Xtras, W7, Benefit Samples, Ginvera Samples
Close Up of my Beauty Goodies - the Benefit samples were given to us directly at the Benefit counter
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Jewellery Close Up
Close Up of My Tshirt
Of course, I'm sure you're all dying to know what was in my goody bag! I must say it was a seriously impressive array of stuff. The shirt was wholly unexpected and although I've failed to capture it on camera, it's actually pink and I love it. I was also excited to see Ginvera samples in there too as I've been curious about the Exfoliating Marvel Gel. I loved all the jewellery and I've always been a bit dubious about W7 but I'm excited to give it a go. My lipstick shade is really nice and the mascara wand looks good.

Thanks Siobhan for this photograph!
Once again, a huge thanks to Georgina and Nicola, it was seriously such a good day, you did an amazing job of organising it and I hope there's another one one day!