Pretties in the Post: Prairie Charms

pink glitter bows, lilac glitter bows, glitter, hair bows, flower crown

pink glitter bows, lilac glitter bows, glitter, hair bows, flower crown

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Prairie Charms via Twitter asking if I'd like to take part in their Project Blogger. A quick visit to their site later, and hell yeah, I wanted to take part. After a lot of internal debate with myself I finally decided on a few items: the Effie Glitter Bow in 3 colours (Candyfloss Pink, Shocking Pink and Lilac, of course), the Natalia Bow and the Fleur Flower Crown. Then, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my lovely gold parcel. 

pink glitter bows, lilac glitter bows, glitter, hair bows, flower crown

Of course, I didn't actually know the parcel was going to be gold until I received it so I was really happy and surprised when I saw it and opening it up, it just got better. I was delighted with my glitter bows - just the right size for me to be able to wear at work without it being a bit too extravagant for the work place. They're also such beautiful colours. I've worn my Shocking Pink one to work a few times as it matches my uniform and the Candy Floss one is such a delicate cute colour it adorned my locks on my last trip down South to see James. I've yet to wear the lilac one, but I've got the perfect outfit for it planned and can't wait for an appropriate occasion to show case it. 

The Natalia Bow is slightly bigger than my Effie Bows but still a lovely every day appropriate size. Its lovely floral design and cream and pink colouring means it's well at home in my wardrobe. For the purpose of this blog posts I dressed up in what I refer to as my Marie Antoinette dress and pranced about in the sunshine having my photo taken. It made me realise how much I love the dress but it also showed me how good the bow was to go with the dress.

However, for me, the real star of the parcel was my Fleur Flower Crown which I am absolutely delighted with. I've wanted a floral crown for the longest time and have my hear set on some Crown and Glory ones but I'm so glad I decided to just bite the bullet and purchase this one. The roses are so cute and delicate and I love love love wearing this headband. I was worried it would be too big for my head but it really isn't. It has definitely become my favourite Summer accessory and the fact that it's just plain pink means it's really versatile for my wardrobe. It's very well made and there seems to be no danger of losing any roses or leaves from it. 

My one little problem with my order was that the crocodile clip on my Lilac Effie Bow fell off which was a bit sad but thankfully, very easily fixed. Although I was kindly given these products at a 50% discount, I would happily have paid full price for them as I believe they are fantastically priced. I'm already eyeing up a few new items from there!

*although I did receive an excellent discount on these products, Prairie Charms still donated some of the proceeds from this sale to charity. My discount has not affected my opinions at all and everything I have written here is my own opinion and 100% honest. I was not obligated to write this post but because I was so happy with my new hair accessories, I just had to share!