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I had to rack my brains long and hard for today's post. I have a lot of clothes and simply choose just one item of clothing as my ultimate favourite was a hard task. Did I go for my pink and black polka dot dress which is my most figure flattering dress ever? Did I go for one of my night time dresses? How about something basic like my disco pants - they may not be the most interesting item of clothing out there but wow, have I got my money's worth from them! I even asked my boyfriend who came up with my leather jacket or my cat shirt - something I never would have thought of as my favourites myself when suddenly, I knew. It just had to be the black and white lace dress featured above!

Let's talk about the history of this dress. For my 20th birthday, my boyfriend took me to Paris. As it was my birthday treat, he let me dedicate a whole day to shopping. Surprisingly, I didn't find all that much I liked. I remember a great shop which I believe was called Jennyfer where I tried a fair few things on but sadly only one item fitted me but it was a sexy black playsuit which I still love to this day so fair enough. Just as we were going to start walking to the Metro to head back to our hotel for the evening, I saw a shop out of the corner of my eye that looked hopeful, so in we went. Straight away this piece caught my eye and as I'd seen a similar one in Lipsy but way more expensive than this one, I bought it pretty much immediately while trying to explain in French that I never try clothes on...Back at the hotel, I tried it on and spun around in it, absolutely in love with it straight away although both me and James decided I definitely need a belt to pull it in and make it a little more flattering. I hadn't packed a waist belt so it wasn't until I arrived home that I realised the full potential of this dress. Paris was one of the best times of my life and having a pretty piece of clothing to remember it by is so lovely. A major part of why I chose this dress is because of the sentimental value.

Of course, it has practical value too. Surprisingly, this dress is very versatile. As you can see in the photographs above, in winter it looks brilliant with some leggings underneath it and my brilliant Topshop fur coat on top. In the summer though, it still works, I simply swap the leggings for some tiny cycle shorts to preserve my modesty and it's so light and breezy, it's fantastic when it's warm. Being a lovely monochrome black and white means you can really play around with accessories too, although I tend to just stick to silver jewellery when I wear this.

What's your favourite item of clothing?