Quick change of plans! I had originally planned to do a post about Beauty Fails today but I've been feeling rubbish recently and well, quite frankly, the effort it would take to do the post I had planned is not something I can expend at the moment. So, I thought I'd so a short and sweet post about where my blog name comes from, although I pretty much explain it on the about page! I originally wanted some cool fox girl glittery logo to go with my blog, but as you can see from the dire image above, logo design is not one of my strong points ;)

So, The Glitter Vixen. For years, I ran a blog called Hanging in the Blossom Tree. It had been my email address for years and the song I took these lyrics from is still one I listen today. However, towards the end of last year I started feeling like I'd outgrown that name. I wasn't an angsty teenage girl anymore so the song just didn't fit me anymore. One day, I was running on my cross trainer (note to self: start using cross trainer again) and the word "vixen" popped into my head and from that moment on, I couldn't get it out of my head. I realised that I wanted to start over in the blogging world, and "vixen" was going to be in my blog name somewhere! I won't lie, part of it is because my boyfriend's surname is Foxx and he definitely sparked my little fox obsession I've got going on. But Supervixen by Garbage is a very special song to me, and well, let's all cringe together now, a Supervixen is something I aspire to be. When I think of vixens, I think of strong, sexy, powerful women and well, I wouldn't mind being strong, sexy and powerful.

So, that's how Vixen came about but what about the Glitter? For ages, I thought I had to have an alliterative blog name. Violet Vixen, Velvet Vixen - I tried these but they're associated with burlesque. What other words beginning with V did I know? Violent...er, nope. Vigorous...maybe not. Voluptuous Vixen? Absolutely not! Finally, I decided to ditch the obsession with alliteration and try other words. One thing I loved about my old blog which I've carried onto this blog is my glitter background. Since I learnt how to do it in Photoshop, I've been obsessed! Glitter is fantastic. It's sparkly, it's pretty and is definitely an appropriate word to have in the title of a Beauty Blog! So, The Glitter Vixen was born and I haven't look back since.

How did you blog name come about? (If you don't have a blog, what would you name it if you did have one?)