First of all, shhh, I know it's day 14 but last night I chose the cinema and a night out over blogging. Not wanting to miss any days out though, here is yesterday's post and yes, you can expect another one this evening for day 14 so I'm all caught up. It'll be the first time ever I've done two blog posts in one day! So yesterday's post was supposed to be all about DIY beauty and being ever the optimist, I'd planned to make my own DIY lip scrub but as usual, like a lot of my crafty/DIY projects I plan, I find myself too busy to go ahead. So, instead, I'm going to share some of the beauty DIY posts that have caught my eye on Pinterest.

DIY Lip Scrub via Create This Look For Less

I love lip scrubs but the price of the Lush lip scrub? Not so much! I know E.L.F and Look Beauty do slightly cheaper alternatives but I have to go into Leeds to get to a Look Beauty stand and E.L.F has to be ordered online - not exactly ideal for a product I consider a beauty essential! Therefore, I definitely need to have a bash at making my own. It does look too difficult, I'm hoping it'll be just as effective and therefore one of my essential products will no longer be such an annoying tasks.

DIY Dry Shampoo via The Merry Thought

Dry shampoo is another essential for me. I hate to wash my hair every day but my hair gets so oily even when I wash it every other day and therefore I need dry shampoo on non-wash days. Like lip scrubs though, the better dry shampoos do not come cheaply. I love Batiste but unless it's on offer I abhor buying it. To be honest, a home made dry shampoo looks like it might actually be way more effective on my fringe. Starting to think I really need to set aside some time to do some DIY.

DIY Salt Spray via Lulus

Salt spray is something I'm currently trying to get the hang of. Instead of heat styling my hair all the time, I'm trying to let it dry naturally and then I'm attempting to use salt spray to make my waves a little more interesting. I haven't really cracked how to use it yet, but I think when I've finally worked out how to make it work with my hair, I'm going to want to give this little tutorial a go.

Do you do any DIY beauty? Have I interested you in it now? Let me know!