Blogging is one thing that I seemingly never cease to be inspired by. Even when I take breaks from posting for whatever reason, I'm constantly thinking about going back to blogging and how I'm going to make my blog bigger and better everyday. I just love blogging! If only my job or school or university had inspired and motivated me as much as blogging does. Of course, all this inspiration has got to come from somewhere, and today's post is about exactly that.

Cheesy But - Life Inspires Me!
Look, it's so corny but my life really is the biggest inspiration behind my blog. Look at the content I post: my outfits, beauty reviews, The Vixen Thinks posts: all of these come from offline experiences. I've been obsessed by planning perfect outfits since wayyyyy before I started personal style blogging and when I wear an outfit that makes me feel great or I buy a really cute new piece of clothing, I can't wait to get it on the blog. Makeup is an interest that came later on but the fact that makeup is like, a hobby for me now, means I have a never ending stream of content for this blog. I will never run out of products to review! As for The Vixen Thinks: while I try to make posts impersonal and relatable to people besides myself, it's obvious that when I choose a topic for my Vixen Thinks series, it's an issue which impacts directly on my life. As for lifestyle posts about days out and other such things, well, it's obvious where the inspiration for that comes.

Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration for me, not just my blog, but life in general. However, it's brilliant for my blog. I can discover new clothes, new makeup looks, the DIY beauty tutorials I posted earlier today and the list goes on. There's nothing like browsing Pinterest for 20 minutes when I'm feel unmotivated to help push me forward again. Not to mention, I've realised that Pinterest contains a wealth of information for bloggers. I've learnt so much about photography, SEO, even blog post ideas from Pinterest. I honestly cannot recommend Pinterest enough, it's my favourite social network!

Other Bloggers
This one goes without saying. I don't think there is anything more effective than visiting a blog with beautiful photography or incredibly interesting posts that sets off the urge to blog within me. My blogroll page linked above has some examples of blogs that regularly incite this feeling for me. After all, unless we were the very first blogger which I know none of us reading this is, we had to see another blog to think "hey, I want a blog too."

What inspires you to keep blogging?