Oh man, I am so ill at the moment. Every year I get a horrible bout of flu. It's usually around Halloween but it's already got me this year. I'm off work and yesterday I literally couldn't do anything, hence my double blog posting again. However, when I saw that day 16's prompt was a wishlist, I knew there was no way I was skipping this day out as I love doing wishlist posts! And hey, with Christmas slowly creeping up on us, well...who knows what benefits could come from me sharing a wishlist ;)

Missguided Pria Rose Print Bardot Crop Top
Ok, so the season is seriously wrong for this one but I've been wanting this for ages! I adore this rose print and the pink is just so pretty. I think I'm one of the few people out there who is still enjoying the crop top trend but this is actually sold out in my size so maybe not! I did actually do a little Missguided haul last weekend when I got paid but sadly, I received an email just before I received my order saying that although I'd ordered this top, it was a mistake and it was actually out of stock. *sad face* ALTHOUGH, side note here: this happens every single time I order from Missguided. Anyone else have this problem? I do love their clothes, but I've always had issues with Missguided from the first time I placed an order with them. Horrifically dodgy sizing aside, once I got past that problem, the whole "you've ordered something not in stock" started happening - ANNOYING.

Cheaps Frills Small Bride of Frankenstein Necklace
With October approaching and having just been to see Insidious 2 at the cinema, my love for horror is slowly creeping back into my life. For a while, I was obsessed with classic horror. Dracula with Bela Lugosi, The Wolf Man with Lon Chaney, Frankenstein with Boris Karloff and of course - Bride of Frankenstein with Elsa Lancaster. When Cheap Frills started doing horror film jewellery (there's even Wednesday Addams stuff, eek!) I just knew that the time where I make an order was fast approaching. Soon my pretty, soon...

Pixi Eye Glow Cube
Now that the colder months are already upon us and my hair is suddenly and unexpectedly a lot darker, I'm a lot more drawn to the darker side of neutral eyeshadows meaning that this Eye Glow Cube by Pixi is on my radar and a huuuuuge want of mine right now. Although I feel like I have enough blusher and lipstick at the minute, eyeshadow is something I always feel I am lacking. While I wouldn't describe my eyeshadow collection as small, it's often my eye makeup that causes me frustration when I'm trying to decide what makeup to wear each day so I'd adore having something like this in my collection. 

Arbonne Intelligence Genius
Arbonne is a brand I have fallen head over heels in love with, to the point where I am now one of their independent consultants, meaning if you're interested in the things I've said about them so far, please get in touch! Since I switched my most used products to Arbonne, I've seen great differences in my life. Arbonne hair care has totally transformed my hair and shockingly, my hair has now recovered enough that when I coloured it the other day, the dye took to it seriously well and went much darker than I anticipated. I'm loving it though! As for the skincare, I now refuse to put anything else on my face because the FC5 items I've bought from Arbonne are just so good. My skin is not perfect yet, but since I switched, I have only had two new spots appear on my skin and both these times I'd been drinking alcohol the night before so go figure...As for the makeup. I've found my holy grail foundation and primer - again, I literally have no interest in trying anything else now. They are that good. It's things like this why I need the new Arbonne Intelligence Genius in my life. It's a nightly resurfacing treatment and I think this is the boost I need to get my skin in the condition I want it. I know this won't disappoint me.

MUA Power Pouts
I've pictured all of these because I need want all of these! Although initially put off by the red looking shades, I have had the opportunity to try all these at work and can confirm they're all actually different shades of pink, and all gorgeous shades of pink to boot. While I doubt they have the lasting power of my beloved Revlon Balm Stain in Honey these are a much cheaper alternative and personally I think the shade range is much nicer. Waiting for a three for two offer to come on at work, then combined with my staff discount - bang, I am getting all of these at an absolute bargain price. 

Dolly Bowbow Daydreamer Floral Crown
Since receiving my Prairie Charms goodies, I've been hooked on floral crowns. While I've been eyeing them up for years and lusting after them, once I finally bought one, that was it, I needed more, they're gorgeous! This particular one from Dolly Bowbow looks ace, it's just perfectly coloured for me and while not so seasonally appropriate anymore, I just need this in my life.

Kukee Egyptian Chainmail Statement Necklace 
I actually received some Kukee goodies in my goody bag from Leeds Blogger Meet. The other day, I actually finally decided to check out all the brands who had contributed to our lovely day and I immediately fell in love with Kukee. They are so adorable and the selection of jewellery is insane but incredibly affordable. In particular, I fell for this Egyptian themed necklace. As I mentioned in my Travel Dreams post, Ancient Egypt was my favourite ever topic in primary school and one day I hope I am able to visit the pyramids. This necklace would be great to keep me going in the meantime.

What's on your wishlist at the moment? Are your tastes similar to mine?