Today's post isn't exactly I'm a positive one I'm afraid. The above two products: the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner and the Indeed Labs Pepta-Bright are two products that I purchased after reading a few absolute glowing reviews about them. Although not necessarily as hyped up in blog world as much as say, Rimmel Apocolips or Maybelline Baby Lips, I've still seen these products hailed as miracles often enough to feel sucked into buying them thinking they create the same miracle results on my skin, sadly not though I'm afraid.

I won't even bother to review these separately. These two just made no difference to my skin. In fact when I cut them out of my routine again, my skin actually improved a lot. I'm not sure they made it any worse, but my skin definitely wasn't getting any nicer while using these. I would still get blemishes and my acne scarring remained as obvious as ever on my skin, boo! All in all, these were a grand waste of the money I spent on them - nearly £60 in total, ouch!

The one positive I can say is about the Clarins toner - it really is very gentle. Just a shame that for me, it seemed so gentle it didn't do anything! Such a shame.

Have you ever been sucked into buying seriously disappointing products?