In all honesty, showing you my own makeup storage would make for a very boring post. I sling my most used brushes on my desk, keep my most used makeup in a black makeup case and all my nail varnishes are in a pink Juicy Couture box from when I was given Viva La Juicy for Christmas. Oh, and there's all my skin care and hair products scattered around randomly on my desk along with acne medication and varies headbands, nose studs and who knows what else. The rest of my collection is stuffed in drawers. No, it's not very beauty blogger like of me is it? Of course, like seemingly every beauty blogger on the planet, I dream of owning acrylic storage for my makeup and other beauty items I use on a regular basis. I'd love a clean, tidy desk where I sit morning and night either to remove or put on my makeup. As I spend a lot of money on makeup and some of it is so pretty, it makes sense for me to want to have it on display as well.

eBay Acrylic Storage
At some point, I fully intend on buying this acrylic set for me room. Part of me is tempted to just get it now but considering that I am planning on moving out in around 6 months, part of me thinks maybe I should just wait until I'm in my new house. There is so much acrylic storage out there these days, I literally just typed it into eBay just now and have a quick scour round of the site. There's smaller pieces, bigger pieces, pieces dedicated to just one item such as lipstick or nail varnish - just so many options out there. Ideally I want a rather large set, just a singular one, that I can sit on my desk and it will house my primer, foundation, powder, most used eyeshadow palettes, blushers and lipsticks that I am likely to reach for on a daily basis. I like having things in one place and within easy reach. I think the storage I've featured above would be perfect for that!

Image from Gem Fatale
As for makeup brushes, I have a whole other different set of plans for those. As I'm constantly switching up which makeup I use but I don't always have time to wash my brushes in between, I use a lot of different brushes for my eyes and cheeks - I do have a brush holder but it's limited and not so aesthetically pleasing. Years ago I saw this tutorial on Gem Fatale's blog and I've been thinking about it ever since. I went through uni intending to do this to house my pens and pencils but now that part of my life is over I've realised just how perfect it would be for housing makeup brushes instead.

Now, I know this post started off being about makeup storage but as I've been writing it I've been realising that my biggest issue with storage doesn't actually affect my makeup. No, it's not the most visually pleasing way of having my makeup right now but I can see my products, they get used, it's functional. My jewellery storage however, is not at all functional. I simply stuff it all in boxes and as a result my necklaces get all tangled, a lot seems to get damaged and because I can't see what I've got, I often forget what jewellery I own and therefore it goes to waste hidden away in a box on my shelf. I'd love some sort of jewellery stand where I could proudly present all my jewellery in a pretty way and hopefully stop it getting so messed up all the time and remind me I've got it so I actually use it. Also, with the amount of jewellery I've been eyeing up recently, it really wouldn't hurt to get a better way of storing my jewellery, especially if it helps me use the jewellery I already have so can justify buying more ;) Here is a collage of jewellery stands I have found and liked so far:

How do you store your pretty things?