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Image via Doe Deere's Instagram (text added by me)

As it has been a while since my last Vixen Thinks post, I've been looking forward to today's prompt as hot topic is just the perfect excuse for me to fit a Vixen Thinks style post into the September Beauty Blog Challenge. The "hot topic" I've chosen was inspired by the Instagram post I've edited above. Doe Deere is the founder of makeup brand Lime Crime and while I'm aware she's been swathed in controversy since the start, I've never really minded her being drawn to the lovely bright colours Lime Crime has available. However, when she posted this image of herself on her personal IG account with the following caption the other day, I lost a lot of respect for her - and I was also pleased as it gave me something to write about today ;)
I'm not into natural beauty. It's lazy; it requires no thought, no effort, no calculation. Created beauty, on the other hand - like that of Marilyn Monroe or Dita Von Teese - is something I deeply admire. I like my face just fine in the morning; but I LOVE how it transforms under makeup! It brings me joy to coat my lashes in dark mascara, line my eyes into a cat-like shape, paint my lips the color of a rose... I do this every day, for myself and nobody else. emoji#mymakeupmanifesto
Look, I love makeup as much as the next girl, and I absolutely adore less conventional makeup looks that can in no way be described as natural. It's rare that I will ever go out without a full face of makeup on. Even today, on a "no makeup day" I've actually got primer, foundation, concealer, foundation, blush and mascara on. I do this for myself and myself only and I abhor the idea that women who do not wear makeup are lazy and in turn, the idea that natural beauty is supposedly lazy. Women are in no way obligated to wear makeup, not for themselves and definitely not for anyone else. Women who do choose to wear makeup should be allowed to do so in whatever they choose without criticism. Today I've gone for a natural look but I'm still wearing a lot of makeup because I like to hide my acne scarring. I do this because I don't like my scarring - I do not do this for the benefit of anyone else and you know, on the occasions I do decide I can't be bothered with makeup, I feel no guilt, hell, I don't even feel all that unattractive because of it anymore. Therefore, to see a woman declare those of us who embrace our natural beauty or do natural style makeup put no effort in, no thought angers me. For a start, why do women even need to put "effort" into their appearance? Oh wait, they DON'T!

That being said just because a makeup look doesn't feature purple eyebrows and a perfect eyeliner flick, that doesn't mean it takes a lack of effort. Good makeup takes effort to do. I can only dream of creating some of the more natural and neutral looks I stumble across. Truth is, on a standard day, I rush my makeup which means my blending and application or whatever isn't quite as good as it could be. However, when I stop, and really take the time to do my makeup, it looks good and it does take thought and effort regardless of whether I'm going for a full on vampy look or an every day look. I think a lot of "alternative" people take things too far - they hate people who hate them because they are different yet they decide to hate on anyone who isn't "alternative". It's hypocritical and very counter productive. As for the line about "created beauty" - that smacks of disrespect to me, there's the definite undertone that these women aren't attractive without makeup which is absolute bull. Ok, honestly, there are people in this world who I think do look better without makeup or with makeup but I keep this information to myself because at the end of the day your appearance doesn't actually matter.

I totally understand that Doe Deere likes to apply makeup because I myself love watching myself transform underneath my makeup. But she completely contradicts herself, she says she does this for herself yet at the beginning she attempts to shame women who do their makeup in a certain way. She invalidates anyone who doesn't do their makeup in a way she approves of. The whole idea of deeply admiring certain looks is also a little problematic for me. While I do consider makeup application an art of sorts, both Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Monroe have qualities which I find far more admirable than the way someone looks.

Of course, this is all indicative of a bigger problem. Women's bodies seemed to be policed in every way. If it's not men giving their impossible expectations of us, it's women like Doe Deere. There's a chance that she's done this just to up her sales a bit, but really, as someone in sales myself, there are far better ways to gain sales than posting nonsense like this!