I resolve to always give myself the care I need - be that eating healthily or eating a whole camembert cheese to myself. Be that taking action and making my life or that staying in bed watching films all day.

I resolve to try my hardest at everything I do and if I don't want to try my hardest, I resolve to reevaluate whether I need to do that thing at all.

I resolve never to speak badly of anyone, including myself.

I resolve to be wiser with my finances but never to feel guilty if I feel the need to treat myself.

I resolve to accept my mistakes as a learning curve, even if I have to make a mistake more than once to learn my lesson.

I resolve to work hard on my Arbonne business and share the positive effects it is having on me and my life with everyone I meet.

I resolve to stop biting my nails no matter how many attempts it takes.

I resolve to stand up for myself. To ask for what I want. To say when I don't want. To live my life on my terms.

I resolve to stop falling asleep in my makeup!

I resolve to respond to everything with love.

I resolve to remember that I am a human and therefore imperfect.