If you've read this blog before, then you no doubt know that I am a recovering shopaholic! In June and July I went on a two month spending ban which curbed my habits somewhat, but I am still constantly window shopping and every now and again will buy myself some things that I really don't need. I've dramatically improved, yes, but I still spend much more money than in necessary on things that are pretty much unnecessary. At the minute I think the best word to describe my shopping habits is erratic. I will go weeks where I don't buy anything but then I will allow myself one treat which will turn into 39528632 treats instead. My Missguided haul the other weekend for instance, or my "look" in Primark on Monday. I also go through phases where I'm fixated on buying a certain thing. For a very long time, it was makeup. Now I've managed to swing back to clothes again.

I most definitely do the bulk of my shopping online. I am absolutely addicted to eBay and Amazon and quite often will assume if I can't find something on there, I will never find it at all. I am also a huge fan of Missguided. Actually, no, that's a lie. I hate Missguided and think their customer service and website leaves a lot to be desired - however they constantly release pieces I fall in love with and I continue to shop with them despite my annoyance with them. Although I don't use it very often, I love Etsy for pretty little items like phone cases and jewellery. Funnily enough though, I especially find this strange as I am a fashion blogger, I don't actually use ASOS. I've ordered from there once and while the dress I ordered that time is my most flattering dress ever (seriously, gives me CURVES) for some reason, I can just never get onboard with the ASOS hype.

Although I do most shopping online, that's just laziness and lack of time as I actually adore going to physical shops. I love playing with makeup testers and smelling perfumes and seeing clothes up close rather than trying to figure them out from a photograph. As a typical girl, I genuinely do enjoy shopping trips. I hate the H+M website so H+M is one I always love to visit in person but my favourite place to go is Primark. Wakefield is mainly high street chain shops so there's nothing too special there that I like to visit but when I was in Aberystwyth, I loved going to Cafe Society and Red Apparel.

The thing I am worst for spending my money on though is food. This week I've decided to keep a diary of every penny I spend and it's alarming how much I spend on snacks each week. I'll buy something before work, then after work, then I'll order a takeaway when I get home from work because I'm "too exhausted" to cook. I honestly LEAK money and I think now I'm aware of just how much money pours out of my purse each day, I'm going to make a conscious effort to make sure I eat enough at home so I stop buying so much food all the time. I'd love to say I'll put this money away safely, but we all know it's just gonna be more fuel for my shopping sprees...

What are your shopping habits like?