My future is something I think about often and my thinking about the future becomes more and more frequent as the days go on. My relationship is currently long distance so I think about the time when that will no longer be the case. I am looking for assistant manager jobs with my company. I have just started a business with Arbonne which is slowly but surely turning into a true passion of mine and I am ready to take this to the highest heights I am capable of. Exactly where I see myself in the future is quite personal to me, particularly in concerns of my job and my relationship. While I'm more than happy to shout it loud and proud that I will be an RVP with Arbonne this time next year, where my current "career" path stands and what my relationship plans are is something I'd rather keep offline. However, the future in general is definitely something I'd like to write a little bit more about...

Living in the present is important. Being aware of what is happening around you now, what is good about your life now, where you are now is essential. If you are constantly focusing on your past, you will never move forward and you will miss everything that is happening to you now. Similarly, always focusing on the future means you miss what's happening in the present and it can also lead to a lot of stress if you're worrying about the future. That being said, you mustn't dismiss the future entirely. Just as it is important to live in the present, it is also important to consider your future while you do so. A lot of my future at the moment depends on careful planning and I know that without me taking action now my future will not look like what I want it to look like. Thankfully, I have a very clear picture of where I want to go and what I want from life which means I can sit back and plan how I am going to get there. I know not everyone does have the luxury of knowing what they want, never mind a plan, but even so, it's important you have some idea of what you future holds so you can act accordingly.

I hate to be the kind of person that tells people they need to have a life plan because I know how difficult it is when you're young to work out what you want. Hell, it's only this year, and well, these past few months to be honest, where I really feel like I've got things figured out. The truth is though, when I didn't know what I wanted, I was very bloody miserable. I felt like I had no direction. When you know what you want from life, things immediately start to fall into place. The people you see in life who are hugely successful are people that worked out what they wanted, how they were going to get it and then went and acted on this. It is so important to get this figured out.

The important thing is you don't get so caught up in your planning for the future that you miss the present. While I spend most of my days at work or working towards my future, I make sure I set aside time each day to get lost in a book or play a game, just to chill basically. My plans keep me very busy and I genuinely don't know what boredom is anymore but I also try not to beat myself up when I don't manage to get something done because I know that my "right now" is very important too. Because of this, I feel confident in myself that I can achieve the future I want for myself but I also don't feel like I'm constantly waiting for this future to happen, I can see the things I like about my life right now too.

What about you? Do you have things mapped out like I do? Do you live in the past? Do you live in the present? What do you think about how I feel?