Funnily enough, blogging *almost* every day in September has made September go quite slowly. Initially I thought that September had absolutely flown by, but as I sit down to write the last post for the September Beauty Blog Challenge and think to the first day of September, I realise that that actually feels so long ago now. Overall I'm quite pleased with my attempt at the challenge; although I did have to double up posting on some days and I actually skipped 3 days of the challenge all together, I've now got quite the army of new and different posts on my blog and I'm happy with that. I set out to make fresh, new content for my blog that differs from my usual outfit/review/video/Vixen Thinks pattern and I most definitely achieved that. The days I missed out completely were because my boyfriend was here and the days I had to double up were illness related so I don't feel saddened in the slightest.

I've now decided however that blogging every day certainly isn't for me, and I don't even know if I want to do Monday-Friday blogging anymore if I'm honest. Maybe I'm just a little burnt out at the moment due to illness and lots going on in my offline life or maybe my priorities are shifting away from my blog, who knows. At times I found this challenge really difficult. I thought having a prompt for each day would make the words flow easily but on some days I really, really struggled to sit down and write and I think that some of the posts I've written this month have been below average quality. The first week I was super organised and had posts pre-written and scheduled for when I knew I was working late or had James around and I loved it but the truth is, I'm at a time in my life where super organisation isn't always possible and trying to be the organisation queen I used to be just leads to additional stress I do not need.

That being said, I'm absolutely glad I did choose to participate in this blogging challenge. Although this post seems a little bit down in the dumps, I have really enjoyed it and some of the posts that have come out of it I am really, really pleased with. Although my YouTube channel has ground to a bit of a halt at the moment, I'm really pleased with the videos that I did during September as well. I think my favourite part of the challenge was the lifestyle prompts I chose as my blog is very, very beauty focused overall and it was nice to actually talk about something a little bit different every now and again. I also really loved reading your responses to my posts about life and it has encouraged me to write more now.

I've decided to take a little blogging break now to recuperate after blogging so intensively for a month but I will be back next Monday with my usual content. See you all soon!