The fact that I post regularly on this blog and am embarking on a "blog everyday in September" challenge probably makes it quite obvious that I love blogging. I first started blogging in 2009 and I've done it ever since, and this year, I finally started this blog and got very involved in the blogging world. This makes it the hobby I've stuck with longest but it's also the one I've found most enjoying and fulfilling.

One of the reasons I've managed to continue blogging for so long is that it is such an adaptable hobby; your blog can change and grow as you change and grow and this is my first positive about it. When I first started blogging, I would mainly post about my life as at the time, that was what I needed. I've always loved fashion and so naturally, fashion began to creep into my blog too. As I started reading more beauty blogs, my interest in makeup absolutely exploded and suddenly, my blog was predominantly a beauty blog. I've watched my photography skills get better over the years and I've been able to exercise my writing skills whenever I want which was great when being a journalist was top of my agenda. You can start a blog about just about anything and I think that's amazing.

I think blogging has brought a new dimension to advertising as well. I don't know about you, but I've never trusted magazines when they recommend a product because I know they're being paid to write about it. So when real people started reviewing products they'd bought with their own money giving their real honest opinions about things, I could now spend my money much more wisely. The more blogs you read, the better this gets. For example, you work out which bloggers you usually agree with and which you don't normally have the same opinions you have. For example, when Dana at Wonder Forest reviewed the mineral foundations from the Body Shop I knew they wouldn't work for me as she was honest about the poor shade range and the oiliness of the products. Without blogging, I wouldn't know about the amazing products I have in my collection today and with blogging, I've learnt I can research a product beforehand. Blogging also makes online makeup shopping a lot easier - previously I never would have dreamt of buying makeup online but now I can Google swatches and reviews and it really helps me out.

One of the biggest positives about blogging is the community that has grown through blogging. I love Sunday nights as it means it's time for #lbloggers and #bbloggers chats. There's nothing better than these chats to show just how many bloggers there are out there and how not alone we are anymore. I love that these chats have allowed me to interact with my favourite bloggers and have discussions with them. I love how many great blogs I've found through Twitter chats and not to mention I love how my traffic always explodes during the chats ;) It's just so great to see what blogging makes other people feel like and viewing all those differing opinions or great to see someone agreeing with a point you've made. I'm even starting to make friends through blogging and I love it.

I love what blogging has done for my confidence. I am now a lot more confident in my skills as a writer because of the positive response I get for my Vixen Thinks posts. My face appears on the internet on a regular basis so obviously I'm happy in my body and the way I look. With blogging, I never experience boredom anymore which is great because horrid things can happen when I get bored. As Sherlock says, it really, really is a dangerous thing. Creating new layouts gives me room to exercise my creativity and design skills that I miss using whenever I don't use them. I like how sometimes blogging forces me to get out of the house and do something so that I've got something to blog about. Blogging even helps me at work; I don't feel like I have to try all the products anymore because I can just read reviews on other blogs and then I can relay this information to my customers.

There's much more about blogging that I love but I would be here for days if I tried to explain everything it has done for my life. Are you a blogger? Do you love it like I do?