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Ahh, the art of downsizing your beauty collection in order to go travelling. Something which, despite the immense amount of practice I've had at this, I still haven't quite mastered. That being said, I have dramatically reduced the amount of products I take with me when travelling now so I've definitely improved, I've found small products and multipurpose products that work well too.

So one thing I used to always struggle with was shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. I hated the idea of buying tiny sizes as they are such poor value for money, so I always ended up taking full size products with me which is heavy and takes up a lot of space, no good really! Finally, I realised the existence of empty travel sized bottles after having spotted them at work. I actually found the ones pictured above in Primark, only a pound for 3 bottles and a little pot too. The set also came with a funnel which is really useful. These tiny empty bottles are a godsend because all you need to do is decant the products you already own into bottles that are much friendlier towards travelling. They take up less space and are nowhere near as heavy. They're good value for money as they can be used again and you're not buying new products just to take on holiday with you. They're now an absolute travel essential for me now.

Makeup is harder for me to downsize. I now refuse to go anywhere without my Arbonne primer and foundation so they're a must have when I leave anywhere for overnight. I much prefer loose powder for setting my makeup however it's messy for travelling and so I opt for the Bare Mineral Ready Mineral Veil when I'm travelling instead. I'm not really loyal to concealer and I'm using the Rimmel Wake Me Up one at the moment, so that gets stuck in my bag too. My eBay beauty sponge is also something I can no longer cope without. For eye makeup, I've found the E.L.F Eyeliner and Shadow Sticks are amazing for travel as they are so tiny, come in a variety of colours and create a polished look in barely any time at all. Of course, it's usually my PixiGlow Fairy face palette, which I spoke about yesterday, which gets favoured above all else when travelling as it has eyeshadow, blusher and lip colours in, everything I need really in one small box. However, I do sometimes opt for my Benefit Sugarlicious Lip and Cheek kit instead and Sugarbomb is my favourite blusher! Other essentials I take with my are eye primer, mascara and my E.L.F Eyebrow Treat and Tame as this is the quickest and smallest method I use for doing my brows.

What do you take with you when you go travelling?