E.L.F Studio Blusher in Peachy Keen

After being so pleased with my Studio Blushers in Twinkle Pink and Gotta Glow, I searched for other shades in the E.L.F blusher range which I might like and eventually decided on Peachy Keen. Not so sure what I was expecting from this blusher, but I do actually quite like it although "peachy" is not a word I would use to describe it. Like the other two shades I own from this range, this colour is buildable, has a slight shimmer to it and has a wear time of a few hours + depending on the base I use it with. In all honesty I don't really have many criticisms of it. There is quite a bit of fallout but nothing too horrendous and it'd be nice if it was guaranteed to stay put all day but there's nothing I hate about it.

The thing I like most about this product is the fact that it can have multiple uses. Built up, on my pale skin it can act as a bronzer as well as a blusher. When applied incredibly lightly, it can even be used as a highlighter; this is best demonstrated in the picture above where I have applied the product to my hand. However I do mainly just use this as a blusher in natural every day looks. As it isn't as pink as my other blushers, it's great to use in looks where I want a very strong lip or strong eye. I always, always wear blusher now as I think I look a little dead without it but sometimes too much blush, or too pink a blush, can look a bit wrong with some of my eye makeup or lipsticks which is where this E.L.F Studio Blusher comes in handy for me.

Sorry for such a short review but I really don't have much else to say about this. If you have any questions though, I will of course answer them!


Outfit Details:
Fluffy Cardigan: Primark
Fox Top: River Island
Jeans: Cafe Society (Aberystwyth)
Shoes: Matalan
Bag: eBay

Makeup Details:
Face: Arbonne Primer, Arbonne Foundation, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, BareMinerals Ready Translucent Veil
Brows: MUA Matte Eyeshadow in Shade 19
Cheeks: B. Glowing Shimmer Block in Blush
Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Smog and Suspect, Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude, Benefit They're Real Mascara
Lips: Rimmel Apocalips in Nude

Hello and welcome to another edition of "Clothes Emily Really Loves and Should Wear More Often But Just Doesn't" featuring my lovely River Island fox top! I looooove this little tshirt. It has got such an adorable little design on it (if you don't know how much I love foxes by now, where have you been?) and I like how it has a slouchy fit yet is elasticated at the bottom so it tucks in nicely. Yeah, I described that badly. I love how it looks paired with these jeans. Sadly that's the only look I can come up with though! I really don't know what else to wear this top with. I don't feel like I have the right shoes, or the right outerwear. Admittedly I do like how the cardigan looks with this outfit but it's not quite warm enough for this anymore! Hmm, got to work on this.

What would you wear a fox top with?

(VERY LATE) August/September Products of the Month

It feels so good to finally be getting another YouTube video up. Although I'm not as confident in my YouTubing skills as I am other things and I find YouTube is the most time consuming of my hobbies, I loooooove doing YouTube and I'm forever intending to make my channel into something bigger than it is. I somehow managed to completely forget an August products of the month video and as I took a break from blogging for the majority of October, I've yet to get my September favourites up either. However, I filmed this around a fortnight ago now so it's about time I finally shared it with the world. As usual full details are on my YouTube channel, so don't forget to click through, but if you're not video inclined, I've written a short post about these products below.

Arbonne FC5 Mattifying Powder
An absolute godsend for oily skin. I actually wear this powder underneath my makeup to completely eliminate shine and oiliness. I've literally never used a product that's more effective for my skin type. Highly recommended.

Arbonne FC5 Moisturising Night Cream
As I use a harsh cream from the doctor on my face to combat my acne, I need a seriously nourishing moisturiser afterwards as the acne cream leaves my skin peeling, dry and very tight. This night time cream is amazing for the purpose. It smells positively divine, it leaves my skin feel so soft and hydrated and it perfectly combats all the nasty side effects of what is essentially applying bleach to my face every night...

Arbonne Primer
The best primer I have ever used to the point where I am absolutely no longer interested in trying another primer at all, ever again.

Arbonne Liquid Perfecting Foundation
I've never really been able to get along with liquid foundations. While this year I've certainly found some that I am willing to tolerate, they are nothing on this beauty by Arbonne. It gives you as little or as much coverage as you desire. It is so light on the skin, it has an amazing shade range and it has super lasting power. Not to mention I know that this foundation has nothing horrid in it and I can wear it with confidence. Again, this is my foundation for life now.

Arbonne Pure Vibrance Hair Mask
Have you noticed how much better my hair is looking recently? Yeah, I definitely have. Why? This product right here.

E.L.F Matte Lip Colour in Natural
A lovely lip colour that is highly flattering against my new hair colour. It's such a natural, my lips but better shade that is fantastic for every day wear. Nowhere near as drying as some other matte lip colours I've used before and has about four hours wear time.

Police To Be The Queen Perfume
Sadly a limited edition release so no longer available but it smells just as gorgeous as the bottle looks. LOVE IT.

What products have you been loving recently?

The Vixen Thinks: A Thought to Live By

My life is changing dramatically at the minute. I'm pursuing a career. I am building my own business. I am looking at houses and some time next year, will be buying one of these houses and moving away from my parental home for good. Although I still have my down days, my dark days; every day I am noticing more and more that I am overwhelmingly happy. I am much more positive. I still notice negative thought patterns in my head, but I talk back to them. I am focused on what I want and I take steps every day to move towards that. The things I want are already here and more things are coming to me.

This morning I woke up with a pit in the bottom of my stomach. I felt sick. I was very nervous. Besides having to get up a good two hours earlier than I normally would, I had to get on the bus to Leeds and visit a shopping centre I rarely visit. Here, I would be working for the day in another store, underneath another manager who would be testing me for eight hours. My goal was to be officially signed off as a team leader. For about 10 minutes, I let myself feel the anxiety, the nerves, and then I got out of bed, I made my breakfast and I told myself "I am a Team Leader". I told myself while I ate. I told myself this while I showered. I told myself on the bus. I told my friend from another store as we walked into work this morning "I am a team leader." Within 4 hours, my certificate had been signed saying I was ready to be a team leader. I had made it and I had made it in half the time it was supposed to take.

I believed I could, so I did.

This wasn't luck. This was my hard work and my belief in my self. Today more than ever, I'm realising just how true the idea that thoughts become things really is. I've been practicing the idea that you create your own life seriously since around March this year and it's no coincidence that since March, I have received everything I have asked for. I feel much more happy and fulfilled and the more I practice positive thinking, the more I focus on thinking about what I want, the more I believe in the power of manifesting. I don't want to go into too much detail about this because there are so many people who have covered this already and they can explain it so much better than I can.

I just want you all to have faith in yourself. To believe in yourself. To understand that if you expect your life to be negative, it will be. If you get out of bed like I did this morning and tell yourself the thing you want has already happened, then it will happen. There's such an epidemic in this world of people not being happy, not understanding their own power and it needs to change.

Your life is what you make it,

B. Complete Eyeshadow Palette in English Rose

I've reviewed some other B. products before so I thought it was about high time I got around to writing about the eyeshadow palette which I purchased at the same time as the foundation, lipstick and blusher. These three are all items I'm very impressed with and I think that B. is probably up there with E.L.F as one of my favourite brands. Or at least these brands had my heart before Arbonne came along anyway, but we'll talk about later. Sadly I don't think the quality of this palette quite matches up to the three products I've reviewed already but it isn't a bad product by any means.

As B. is a fairly new range - just under a year old I believe now, the shade range of the eyeshadow quads isn't that fantastic yet but I was really drawn to English Rose when I saw it. As much as I am a typical beauty blogger, drawn to neutral browns and taupes, purples and pinks are my favourite shades of eyeshadow so this quad looked pretty perfect to me. A quick swatch in the shop, and into my basket it went.

These are lovely, soft, blendable eyeshadows which glide onto the eyelid with ease. They create a lovely, girly daytime look that can easily be transformed to something a little more dramatic with a simple eyeliner flick. The shades all complement each other beautifully and perhaps apart from the white highlight shade, they all work well on their own as well. I like how the packaging shows the shadows inside and it feels very sturdy.

My one little upset with this quad of eyeshadows is that the shadows themselves are not as pigmented as I would like them to be. Although there is a clear difference between them in the pan, they do look very, very similar once applied as you can see from my swatches and demonstration photos. I think if the shades were true to pan, this would be one of my perfect palettes but sadly they're just not as strong as I would like them to be. However, they're still very pretty eyeshadows and they do last a long time on the lid.

Have you tried B. eyeshadows?

What I Wore: Blogger Coffea Date

missguided, dress, kimono, floral, fringe, creepers
missguided, dress, kimono, floral, fringe, creepers

Makeup Details:
Face: Arbonne Primer, Arbonne Foundation, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, BareMinerals Ready Translucent Veil
Cheeks: B. Glowing Shimmer Block in Blush, Arbonne Highlighter
Brows: E.L.F Eyebrow Lift and Filler
Eyes: MUA Eyeshadow Trio in Smoke, Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude, Benefit They're Real Mascara
Lips: Revlon Balm Stain in Honey

So, yesterday I blogged all about the blogger meetup I attended at a little coffee shop called Coffea in Leeds and today I'm blogging about the outfit I wore for this event and have worn a couple of times since! A few weeks back I grew tired of lusting after items I'd seen on Missguided and instead decided it was time to just buy them, consequences be damned. The dress and kimono featured in this outfit are just two of my items from that mini haul. I'd been eyeing up a few kimonos for a while and I really loved the look of this one. I decided to buy a nice plain item to go underneath it which is where the grey dress came from. Not only am I jawdroppingly pleased with this beautiful kimono, but I was also pleasantly surprised by what is a very plain dress for me. I love the way it fits and I like how versatile it is. I can't wait to style it up in different ways. I'm pleased with the way these two items came together.

To be honest, I didn't actually put a lot of thought into the rest of the outfit. I love the necklace so decided to add it and I don't wear my creepers enough so on they went too. As for the watch, I feel bare without one now so decided it had to be included and I always wear my ring. I thought my bracelets looked nice with the black and white of the kimono.

What do you think?

Leeds Coffea Blogger Meet

Hooray! I'm back! What I'd intended to be just a week away from blogging actually turned into three weeks away from blogging, but boy, did I need a little bit of a break! Don't get me wrong, I love blogging so much and I've literally been chomping at the bit all day today in my eagerness to finally sit down and write a post but sometimes, my offline life has just got to take priority. I've had a lot going on these past few weeks, some incredibly exciting, some really, really not but I've definitely learnt a lot and I now feel adequately equipped to manage my blog, my job and my business side by side again in reasonable harmony.

So, back in September the lovely Yuna invited me to a blogger meet she had organised in Leeds. Having enjoyed my first blogger meet immensely, no way was I passing up an opportunity to head towards another one, especially one so local to me. Not to mention, I was definitely enticed by the idea of a free coffee in return for an honest review of the coffee shop. (And indeed, completely honest and uninfluenced my review shall be despite the free drink!) Coffea is somewhere that I'd never heard of before and being tucked away under the arches near Granary Wharf near Leeds train station, I'm not surprised I'd missed this cute little spot. Despite this though, it was very easy to find and I was glad to not get lost and arrive in time to see a small huddle of bloggers waiting outside.

My first impressions were good. I found the decor to be simple, yet effective. I don't normally like exposed bricks, but I thought it look really cool in this dinky coffee shop. There was a great selection of ciabattas on offer, along with a selection of salads and a few other meals. There is also a deli counter, and lots of gorgeous cakes and pastries on offer. Of course, there's a good range of coffee there too but also a nice selection of tea too. I opted for a pepperoni and mozzarella ciabatta which was absolutely delicious and I had a mocha to drink which was a fantastic size and extremely tasty. I find Costa Coffee mocha to feel a little bland but Coffea's version of a mocha was full of flavour and I enjoyed every last drop of it.

The atmosphere at Coffea is really nice. Although it's small it didn't feel cramped at all and the service we received was very good. The chairs were comfy and it felt like we had plenty of time to chat, there was no overhanging feeling that we had to leave once we'd stopped drinking like you get in other places. There's a community noticeboard on the wall which adds to the niceness of the atmosphere.

I do want to run around telling everyone to visit Coffea, I do. My family and I used to spend Sunday afternoons in coffee shops in Leeds and I'm dying to suggest we visit Coffea and start using our Sundays like that again, however, there is one very important detail that's holding me back. Shockingly (and possibly illegally I believe?!) Coffea has no toilets! I was very shocked when we discovered this and wasn't sure if I'd misread the situation but no, I was right, there were no toilets. Kelly had brought her (adorable) children with her so as you can imagine, not having toilets was not ideal for her. As my siblings are two and four, I don't really fancy taking them somewhere with no toilet or changing facilities either which puts me off recommending it for our Sunday day out.

However, if you're after a delicious sandwich or coffee to go in Leeds, Coffea is a brilliant place to go!