Hooray! I'm back! What I'd intended to be just a week away from blogging actually turned into three weeks away from blogging, but boy, did I need a little bit of a break! Don't get me wrong, I love blogging so much and I've literally been chomping at the bit all day today in my eagerness to finally sit down and write a post but sometimes, my offline life has just got to take priority. I've had a lot going on these past few weeks, some incredibly exciting, some really, really not but I've definitely learnt a lot and I now feel adequately equipped to manage my blog, my job and my business side by side again in reasonable harmony.

So, back in September the lovely Yuna invited me to a blogger meet she had organised in Leeds. Having enjoyed my first blogger meet immensely, no way was I passing up an opportunity to head towards another one, especially one so local to me. Not to mention, I was definitely enticed by the idea of a free coffee in return for an honest review of the coffee shop. (And indeed, completely honest and uninfluenced my review shall be despite the free drink!) Coffea is somewhere that I'd never heard of before and being tucked away under the arches near Granary Wharf near Leeds train station, I'm not surprised I'd missed this cute little spot. Despite this though, it was very easy to find and I was glad to not get lost and arrive in time to see a small huddle of bloggers waiting outside.

My first impressions were good. I found the decor to be simple, yet effective. I don't normally like exposed bricks, but I thought it look really cool in this dinky coffee shop. There was a great selection of ciabattas on offer, along with a selection of salads and a few other meals. There is also a deli counter, and lots of gorgeous cakes and pastries on offer. Of course, there's a good range of coffee there too but also a nice selection of tea too. I opted for a pepperoni and mozzarella ciabatta which was absolutely delicious and I had a mocha to drink which was a fantastic size and extremely tasty. I find Costa Coffee mocha to feel a little bland but Coffea's version of a mocha was full of flavour and I enjoyed every last drop of it.

The atmosphere at Coffea is really nice. Although it's small it didn't feel cramped at all and the service we received was very good. The chairs were comfy and it felt like we had plenty of time to chat, there was no overhanging feeling that we had to leave once we'd stopped drinking like you get in other places. There's a community noticeboard on the wall which adds to the niceness of the atmosphere.

I do want to run around telling everyone to visit Coffea, I do. My family and I used to spend Sunday afternoons in coffee shops in Leeds and I'm dying to suggest we visit Coffea and start using our Sundays like that again, however, there is one very important detail that's holding me back. Shockingly (and possibly illegally I believe?!) Coffea has no toilets! I was very shocked when we discovered this and wasn't sure if I'd misread the situation but no, I was right, there were no toilets. Kelly had brought her (adorable) children with her so as you can imagine, not having toilets was not ideal for her. As my siblings are two and four, I don't really fancy taking them somewhere with no toilet or changing facilities either which puts me off recommending it for our Sunday day out.

However, if you're after a delicious sandwich or coffee to go in Leeds, Coffea is a brilliant place to go!