Now firstly, let me explain: since I discovered Arbonne I have found it very difficult to appreciate any other brands of skin care. I've suddenly become very critical of everything and I don't trust anything I can get on the high street. I know I can trust Arbonne and the ingredients in those products so why would I care about anything else? That being said, this is a beauty blog and it would be a shame for all the products I used previously to discovering Arbonne to go to the depths of my mind rather than giving them proper air time on this blog. So, I'm going to try and give this little exfoliator by beauty brand B. a fair review!

Along with the B. Micellar water this is just one of two skincare items by B. that I have tried and to be honest, I wasn't disappointed with this. Initially it was a bit of a shock for me to use. Previously to this I had been using Lush Ocean Salt which is a lot harsher and a lot grittier than this. In comparison, B.'s offering is extremely gentle and not something I would describe as gritty at all although it was still something I could definitely class as an exfoliator. One thing I liked about this cleanser/exfoliating hybrid was its delicate smell; while you couldn't class it as not fragranced, its smell was so soft and nice to me that I doubt anyone anywhere would find it offensive.

As for how well it worked? It didn't have any huge, noticeable benefits and certainly nothing long term but after use my skin would feel a lot less oily and it would always thoroughly cleanse my skin. It would leave my skin looking and feeling fresh and a little bit brighter. For the price I paid, it wasn't half bad.

What do you think of B. skincare?