Today I'm reviewing two shades of the E.L.F Baked Blushers: Peachy Cheeky and Pinktastic. I first saw these blushers on DivaMakeupQueen's YouTube channel when they were still a US only release. I knew from the moment I first saw them that I needed wanted these blushers and had to patiently wait for them to become available in the UK. Finally, one day, they arrived and so did a 50% off offer - it was time to make these bad boys mine.

If you've ever read this blog, you know I'm a fan of E.L.F, although I do think some products are of lower quality than others. In what camp do these blushers fall into then? Well...not only do I love them, I'd go as far as to say these are my favourite E.L.F products I have tried so far!

Firstly, Pinktastic. As I had seen this shade on YouTube before I bought it, I knew what to expect. This shade is definitely not a blush shade, it's more of a highlighter. As I knew this I wasn't disappointed, I went in with the expectation that I was going to be getting a gorgeous new highlighter and of course, I received a gorgeous new highlighter. This powder is silky soft and applies to my face beautifully. Although very shimmery, it translates onto the skin as a lovely soft glow. It's slightly more golden than E.L.F Gotta Glow and it's easier to work with as well. Although pigmented, it's easy to get just a small amount on your brush and so hard to go overboard.

Peachy Cheeky is, as it suggests, a nice peachy pink shade and this one doesn't disappoint either. Like Pinktastic, it's lovely and soft and oh so easy to blend. It is a little bit easier to apply too much of this one, but a light, steady hand when applying will soon sort this problem out. Together, with the Pinktastic shade, these two make a beautiful combination on my skin that I will never tire of.

Even the packaging is good - I love how you can see through to the product in side so there's no opening and closing trying to find the right product. I do however, worry about how sturdy the packaging is and I don't think this is a product I'd risk taking on my travels with me.

What do you think of these beauts?