A few months ago, it would appear that I went completely Lush mad and decided I want to try ALL THE THINGS. As I had positive results with things like Brazened Honey and Ocean Salt, it spurred me on to try more of their skin care. When another blogger commented on one of my reviews saying I might like Herbalism, I decided to give it a go and when I saw it pop up in a blog sale, I just couldn't say no. As it's intended for spotty, oily and troubled skin, I figured this could be a wonder product for me. 

Sadly, I had two main issues with this product which meant it could never make its way onto my favourites list. Firstly, I really, really hate the smell of this cleanser. While I started to get used to it towards the end of the tub, I would never say I found it pleasant which is a problem because I am like a LOT more likely to wash my face if my cleanser smells nice and I don't think I'm alone here. Secondly, I found it seriously hard to work with. I've never used a cleanser that's similar to this and I hope I don't find one again. (Unlikely because I am Arbonne4lyf now...) It's a weird, thick, green concoction that you're meant to run under water first to turn it into a paste but I could just never get the hang of it. 

That being said, I did notice this product doing what it claimed to. My oiliness wasn't such a huge issue while I was using this and it didn't aggravate my skin or make it any worse than it already was. It might even have improved my skin a little while I was using it although not in any miraculous way. If you're looking for a relatively affordable cleanser to keep oily skin at bay, this might just be the product for you. It was also very good at removing the makeup on my face but due to its weirdness I never tried using it on my eyes so I don't know how it would fare with eye makeup. 

Not one I'll be buying again, but I wouldn't call it a bad product and to be honest, I can imagine it working well for other people who can get to grips with it. Have you tried this?