So yesterday, I decided to have a little look see at my 22 Before 23 list and I got to update some of the items on there, hooray! Perhaps the most exciting thing for me though is the fact that my item about moving out of my mum's home for good is finally becoming a reality. My boyfriend and I have been planning to live together for quite a while now but recently we started seriously thinking about making it a reality. We'd been looking at logistics, like where we would move, how we would afford it, what we wanted and so on and last week we started looking at actual houses. Sadly due to work I haven't been able to attend any of the viewings my boyfriend has been to but I've certainly been stalking Right Move with him. On Friday night, James came down to see me and he was so eager to show me the latest house he'd had a look at. After having a look at it and announcing I loved it, I asked him what the next step was. At this point he broke the news to me: he'd placed an offer on the house and it had been accepted! I was ecstatic!

Of  course, it's a little crazy that I'm planning on moving to a town I've only been to once, and when I say once, I mean I've been to a restaurant there for a few hours and that's it. It's insane that I've agreed to live in a house that I haven't actually seen myself yet but I suppose this all comes with the territory. I am desperate to move out of my family home and I've known for a very long time that I do not want to live in Wakefield forever. One thing I want almost more than anything else is for my long distance relationship to no longer be long distance. It goes without saying I've seen a chance to get exactly what I want and I've gone for it! Yeah, it feels weird I haven't done things the traditional way: picking out an area I want to live in and viewing properties myself but I'm definitely doing things in my way. I've been a perfectionist for too long, trying to control every aspect of my life and trusting my boyfriend to choose us somewhere decent to live has been oddly liberating.

I'm really so excited to see the next chapter of my life unfolding in front of me. University was the best three years of my life, I loved my independence and soon I will have this back. When I move I am hoping to be working full time so I will have the same sort of financial situation I did when I had my student loan, grants and part time wage. This means I will be able to exercise full control over my diet again. I will be able to afford to choose and buy my own food and it means Operation Healthy Lifestyle can well and truly begin. I'm also excited because moving to a totally new area is full of opportunities. When I started university I was incredibly shy and reserved and part of me regrets not diving head first into my new life straight away and fully immersing myself in the university lifestyle. This time I've promised myself to be brave. I'm planning on taking things like yoga classes and really reaching out to my new work mates down there. My life is really on the brink of completely transforming, forever and for the better and I can't wait.

When I think back to the beginning of 2013, I could have never imagined my life would look like it does now. I have worked so hard to bring myself out of a depression that had lingered around me for years and now it's finally paying off not just inside my head, but in a way that other people can see on the outside too. I still struggle with myself and to be honest, it's still on a daily basis, but having results like this, knowing I am finally getting what has been my biggest wish for so long: my own place to live, a new start, just cements the idea in my head that what I am doing is working and my life is what I want.