In August, I decided I wanted to be very strict about the ingredients that went into my products. I've known for a while that products containing parabens never really seemed to work too well for me and I also knew that my skin much preferred mineral makeup to your regular standard makeup. For a while though, I ignored the things I'd already figured out and used whatever I felt like and yeah, my skin paid dearly for this. I decided that I was going to start paying a little more attention to what was in my products and hopefully heal my skin in the process. I figured I'd go the whole hog and apply this to my hair care as well as my skin care. I did want to apply it to my makeup as well but I love the stuff too much to completely cut nasty products out so I've settled for using high quality base products instead and hoping the cheap blusher or whatever isn't too much of an issue! Now, before I carry on, I feel like I need to disclaim that I am not even remotely anywhere near an expert on the subject of ingredients in cosmetics at all. I just spoke to other people about what I should maybe be avoiding. I already knew I wanted to avoid parabens but I also decided to avoid mineral oil as well. 

So what difference has it made? Well, my skin has improved loads! I rarely get spots nowadays and when I do, it's alcohol or sleeping in my makeup related. As a result, I'm really happy with my skin as the only thing I'm still struggling to get rid of is my acne scarring. It's not just about the way my skin looks though, it feels absolutely incredible too. It's so soft and it feels much healthier. Combined with using a primer and foundation that are sans-nasties I think it has been really beneficial to start questioning the ingredients that go into my products. However it's my hair that has completely transformed since I stopped using products containing mineral oil in them. At the beginning of this year I tried to dye my hair brown after being very blonde for a very long time and the dye would just not take to my hair. My hair was completely wrecked. I was using every product and treatment under the sun to try and bring it back to life but every visit to the hairdressers had the same result: my hair was just not recovering. Within a week of using hair products full of silicone and mineral oil, my hair started coming back to life and I was finally able to dye my hair back to my natural brown colour. I'm so pleased!

Why has cutting parabens and mineral oil out of my routine worked so well for me then? I'm not so sure about why parabens helps me. The small amount of research I have done has shown me that it's possible there is a link between cancer and parabens however I don't think there's anything that's 100% conclusive on that. I suppose everyone's skin is different and while some people can seem to use anything with no consequences but mine must not like parabens very much. Mineral oil however, I do know why that's so bad and we shouldn't want it in our products. Basically the mineral oil in all the hair masks I had been using had been forming a barrier round my hair and stopping anything good actually getting into my hair and being able to work its magic. On the surface, my hair looked alright but the reality was the mineral oil was just masking the horrid condition my hair was actually in. I took this away and finally, my hair was able to breathe and recover properly. 

My journey into being informed about what goes into my products is only just beginning but now I'm realising how much cosmetic companies can actually get away with I'm wanting to learn more. Do you care about the ingredients in your products? Can you point me in the right direction to learn more about what I should be wary of?