Today's Vixen Thinks topic is one that is so relevant to me at the moment it hurts. Although this is going to be a very personal post from me, I hope that the message of doing what is best for yourself shines through and helps at least one other person reading this as well as being a cathartic process for myself. As you may or may not know I am currently on the cusp of a huge change in my life. I am essentially getting the chance to start over, start fresh and begin a new life and I am ecstatic about this fact. However, in the process I've learnt that I'm actually a big advocate of what most people refer to as "selfishness". There comes a point in your life where you have to stop worrying about what other people will think or feel and do what is best for you. Unfortunately, this has left me in a position where inevitably, there are going to be some people I have to disappoint.

At the beginning of this year, I really started making the conscious effort to take control of my own life and build a world around me that I was truly happy in. One of the biggest turning points in my journey towards happiness was realising that I had to listen to my own thoughts and stop living my life in a way that other people wanted or expected me to. Over the course of the year I've taken a job that many people tell me I'm wasted in, I've started my own business in the MLM industry which most people believe is a scam or doesn't work and I turned down a "proper graduate job". All this happened because I finally realised that I and I alone know what is best for me, even if other people think they know otherwise. These decisions have all contributed towards making me the increasingly happy and positive person I am today.

Today, I am faced with another crossroads. Last week, two things occurred which made me very happy and increased my self confidence to a point that it hasn't be to in a long time. My happiness however soon dissipated when I realised that I was going to have to have a very difficult conversation with someone and probably lose a good relationship with this person as a result of what has been happening in my life. In fact, especially since I got back to Wakefield after my week off, I have lived in growing terror everyday that this conversation is going to occur.

And do you know what? This is quite frankly ridiculous. The opportunity that arose for me last week is an incredible one which has the power to change my life completely and make my fresh start even better than I initially realised. My boyfriend, my friends, my family are all telling me how great my situation has suddenly become and that I'd be crazy not grab this opportunity with both hands. There is literally one or two people who are going to give me grief for what I've done. I shouldn't be so scared of what other people think and feel when I know that I'd regret it forever if I didn't go for this.

My message to you today is to follow my example. When something comes along that feels so right just do it. The world would be a much better place if we all realised we're allowed to live the life we want xx