Leaving Party

Outfit Details:
Hair Bow: a little boutique in New York...
Jacket: Boohoo
Top: New Look
Disco Pants: eBay
  Boots: Boohoo

Makeup Details:
Arbonne Primer, Foundation, Concealer
BareMinerals Ready Veil in Translucent
B. Glowing Shimmer Block in Blush
Arbonne Highlighter
Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Habit, Dope and Toxic (Vice 2 Palette)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Precision Liner
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude
Arbonne It's a Long Story Mascara
LimeCrime Lipstick in Coquette
Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse

So today's post is all about what I wore for my leaving party. For those of you who are not aware, I recently upped and left my childhood city and now live 200 miles away. Something like that, of course, calls for a party! My leaving party was quite literally a piss up in a brewery. As it wasn't a fancy night out in the clubs or anything, I opted for quite a simple outfit.

I love my new Boohoo jacket. I think the peplum style is just so flattering: it hid the fact that I had to roll my top up as it was too long to wear down but my disco pants were too tight to tuck the top into them! OK, fake flab aside...the jacket really is gorgeous. Very sleek and professional looking, it fits me like a glove and it's a little more interesting than a standard black jacket because of the peplum. Disco pants and a top are pretty much my standard pub outfit, it was just a matter of choosing which top. When I was packing to move, I discovered this lovely lace Peter Pan collar top my sister donated to me in my drawers, and the problem of which top was instantly solved. Although I like it, as I've mentioned it's on the long side and it's actually quite annoying to wear, such a shame. 

One of my favourite parts of the outfit however was my new Boohoo chelsea boots! These are so, so, so popular at the moment and I've totally been sucked in by the hype. I don't know if you know this, but I am not a heels girl. However, my love for this style of boots has made me determined to get over my weird aversion to heels. I love them and I got most of the way home before I had to take them off!

As I believe I've mentioned, I'm making 2014 the year I experiment with hairstyles so I'm introducing my lovely bow headband today. I adore this headband, but sadly, do not wear it anywhere near enough because it always parts my hair and reveals my ears - something I hate headbands doing! This means it was just perfect to pop on my head to finish off my miniature bun. Outfit complete!

My leaving do was such a lovely night. Loads of my family came down to see me off and some of my friends made it too which I was pleased about. Everyone had a good chat and catchup and I particularly liked that my drink was never empty. A total success!

What do you think of my leaving party outfit? 

The Glitter Vixen is ONE!

Happy birthday to my little space on the internet, The Glitter Vixen! OK, I'm not exactly sure when her first birthday is - my first post was actually Monday 7th January 2013 but I went live on Monday 28th January. The Glitter Vixen also existed in my head, and I had secured the URL well before these dates. So I'm celebrating the 1st birthday today, simply because I feel like it.

I do love my blog. I've never, ever had a hobby that my interest has been sustained in for this long. In fact, I am actually quite upset that I can't dedicate the amount of time I used to towards my blog. I don't mean this in a "I should be blogging every day" type of way; I mean this from a "I really, really love blogging and can't stand that my "real" life is getting so massively in the way of it currently" way. I promised myself that once I started working full time, I was not going to let my blog suffer for it but it turns out there's way much more than the 9-5.30 I spend in the office Monday-Friday that can have an effect on whether I get a post up or not.

Sadness aside, I'm so pleased with the direction my blog has taken. I'm hugely happy every time I check out my follower count. I love reading the comments I get and discovering other cool little blogs in the process. I adore my blog design, and the design I had before that. I'm pleased with the way my content has evolved and I'm glad I'm slowly getting less awkward in my YouTube videos. While my blog is probably going to be inconsistent until I'm moved into my new house and settled in properly, I am determined for it to flourish this year. To celebrate my first year of real blogging, I've decided to set some blogging resolutions.

  1. Read other people's blogs - if I can make time for my own blog, I can make time for yours. I watch the unread number on my BlogLovin creep up and up - NO MORE! Ooo, and I will leave comments too.
  2. Engage more with my readers. Generally I'm very good at replying to and even returning blog comments but I want to do this more promptly or regularly.
  3. Be present on my YouTube channel. I'm appalling at even publishing comments there never mind responding. I want to build a community over there. Although, Google, if you're reading, make this easier to do from my phone!
  4. Only blog if I'm happy with the content I'm posting. As much as I love having my little schedule, if I'm not in the blogging mood, I can stray away from that precious schedule.
  5. Branch out into other subjects - I feel I am moving away from being as obsessed with makeup as I used to be so it's time for my blog to reflect this.
  6. Participate in more blog chats - I miss my Sunday night Twitter nights dearly!
  7. Rebrand. I love the scallops, the glitter, whimsical fonts, but I think 2014 is time for a little change layout wise; I'm working on ideas already.
  8. Invest some time into learning how to take amazing photographs and film amazing videos. Learn to edit them properly too. I'm probably going to invest in some new equipment for this too!
  9. Follow "smaller" YouTubers - I follow all the big names on their but hardly anyone on a similar level to me. I love lesser known blogs, it's time for that to spread to YouTube. 
I'm assuming you're a blogger too if you're reading this. Do you have nay blogging resolutions? 

Velvet Skater Skirt

Outfit Details:
Hair Bow: Prairie Charms
Cardigan: Primark
Top: Lipsy
Skirt: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Watch: everything5pounds
Bracelets: Primark
Earrings: Claire's Accessories

Makeup Details:
Arbonne Primer, Foundation, Concealer
BareMinerals Ready Veil in Translucent
B. Glowing Shimmer Block in Blush
Arbonne Highlighter
Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Habit, Dope and Toxic (Vice 2 Palette)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Precision Liner
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude
Arbonne It's a Long Story Mascara
MUA Power Pout in Rendezvous

So, my new(ish) velvet skater skirt is totally my new favourite staple in my wardrobe. I bought it a month or two back now and I've had so much wear out of it since, it seems insane this is the first time it has made it on to the blog. As it's a plain black skirt, it goes with the vast majority of items in my wardrobe and because it's a skater skirt, it's really flattering. However, the velvet (like material) gives it a bit of texture and that something a bit extra. I really love it. The best bit is it would look amazing on anyone!

Paired my pink and black ruffled top from Lipsy, I really think I've stumbled onto a dream team here. I've had this top since my first year of uni and I wore it to death. It had slowly been getting more neglected but I loved it too much for that to happen and since buying the skirt, my adored Lipsy top has well and truly been resurrected. The bonus is that this Lipsy top can quite easily class as work wear for me now too, yippee!

2014 is the year I am experimenting with hair styles, as you've probably gathered from the sudden appearance of a top knot. The real reason I want to experiment with my hair is because I own so many gorgeous hair accessories but I never wear them anywhere near enough and I want that to change. I'm also eyeing up a lot more so I better start wearing the ones I have now to justify buying more. This bow is particular from the wonderful Prairie Charms is a stunner. A beautiful shade of pastel pink glitter, it's just the perfect size for adorning my tiny top knot. I love it so much. I actually did a blog post about Prairie Charms here, which I recommend taking a look at. They're a fantastic blog and really know how to work with bloggers too. 

Finally, onto my makeup. Since receiving the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette for Christmas and buying myself a new eyeliner pen after getting unbelievably frustrated with my (rubbish) Barry M one, I've really, really started putting effort in with my eye makeup again and I'm really loving have daily eyeliner flicks again. The combination of Habit on my brow bone, Dope all over my lid and Toxic in the crease is definitely my favourite go to pink every day look at the moment. Finish it off with an eyeliner flick for something even better or a look that can easily be taken right on into the night time. So excited to get my Urban Decay makeup look on my YouTube channel, believe me. 

What do you think of this look? A+ if I may say so myself yeah?

The Vixen Thinks: Do All Things With Love

Do all things with love.

So often our actions are determined by such negative emotions. We are motivated by jealousy, anger, fear, sadness, even hatred.

I want to do all things with love.

When someone hurts me, I want to respond with love. I want to recognise it's nothing personal. I want to see it for what it is: they are not doing all things with love. There is something in their life making them feel negative and sometimes, other people end up bearing the brunt of that. Rather than responding to their negativity with anger or annoyance, I want to show them a little bit of the love they are lacking. Ask them if they are ok. Is there anything I can do?

Sometimes, I fear my motivations are in the wrong place. Am I moving away from Wakefield because I love the town I am moving to, or am I moving away from Wakefield because I hate Wakefield? Am I moving away from Wakefield because I'm too scared to go into town anymore, because there's parts of my past I want nothing to do with? Am I moving in with James because I am truly in love with him, or am I moving in with him to prove a point to certain people? Have I accepted a job in journalism because I love the idea of this career, or am I pursuing journalism as a career path because I'm frightened of the alternative - staying at Superdrug for the rest of my life, or god forbid, actually trying to go my own way and run a self sufficient business. Do I just like people congratulating me and telling me I'm doing the right thing?

Yes, very personal questions I've just asked there - but I'm sure there are questions I could ask you that are in a similar vain.

I resolve to do all things with love.

I want to live with James because I am in love with him. I am moving away from Wakefield because I love a new change, a fresh start, a real adventure. I am starting a new job for similar reasons - that and someone wants to pay me for my favourite hobby: writing. I'm starting afresh for love of myself: I don't want to stagnate. I want to be kept on my toes. Giving myself a new life is the most loving thing I could ever do for myself.

Are you living your life for the right reasons?

Rimmel Apocalips in Luna and Nude Eclipse [Product Review]

Left: Nude Eclipse, Right: Luna
Nude Eclipse
So, the Rimmel Apocalips were one of those products that causes the blogosphere to explode upon their release. Initially, I was totally uninterested. The shade range seemed bland, I'm not a fan of gloss, and well, I just didn't get the hype. However, shortly after they were released, I transferred from one Superdrug store to another and in my new store, rather than being stuck behind the till all the time, I dangerously got to spend a lot of time on the makeup isle and I had a little play with the Apocalips range. Luna and Nude Eclipse really caught my fancy and one day, when I needed a new foundation, I picked that up along with these two on a 3 for 2 deal.

In all honesty, I'm really not sure what my opinion on these products actually is. I definitely don't think they're the holy grail drugstore lip product some make them out to be, I don't even think I'd describe them as good. That being said, I still wear these two every now and again and I have actually purchased one of the new colours released into the Apocalips range. They've even survived the huge makeup cull I've had recently.

Firstly, Rimmel claim that these lip colours have the true colour and pigmentation of a lipstick, but the high shine of a gloss. Yes, they are very pigmented and provide a solid colour but I really don't think they're shiny at all, not even remotely glossy. They also have an absolutely bizarre taste. It's not horrid or anything, it's just downright weird. The applicator is also quite annoying - you need to scrape loads of product off it before you can use it unless you want really caked on lips. The lasting time is also appalling - if you don't fancy eating or drinking anything at all, you might get a few hours wear out of them at a push. But if you put anything anywhere near your mouth, sorry, but they're gone.

Despite all this, there's something about the Apocalips that I must like. Luna is the only orange shade I've tried so far that I feel like I can actually pull off, so I really like that. I also really like the colour of Nude Eclipse providing you only use a tiny bit of it. I'm actually wearing Nude Eclipse as I write this. I'm not really too bothered by the rest of the shades in the range, although I bought Across the Universe (I think) the other day but I'll explain why I decided to buy that and why it's so different from the rest another day. I do really like the packaging. I think it looks really cool and it's different to anything else I have.

So yeah, there you have it. A very weird, indecisive review. Basically I don't like the Rimmel Apocalips but I still wear them. Yeah.

Lying on a Fake Beach, You'll Never Get a Tan

Makeup Details:
Arbonne Primer
Arbonne Foundation
Arbonne Concealer
BareMinerals Ready Veil in Translucents
Benefit Sugarbomb Blush
Benefit High Beam
Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Habit, Dope and Toxic (Vice 2 Palette)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Precision Eyeliner
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude
Arbonne It's a Long Story Mascara
MUA Power Pout in Broken Hearted

"Lying on a fake beach, you'll never get a tan..." So, I'm totally and utterly obsessed with Marina and the Diamonds at the moment. Her broken, crazy girl personas and lyrics really work for me at the moment as I'm not gonna lie, going slightly insane under the pressure of starting a brand new life! I thought I'd call this outfit Date Day but I thought the opening line to Radioactive would be far more intriguing. This outfit was meant to be for a date night with James but it actually ended up being more of date afternoon. It was on a Sunday when normally we'd visit my dad but the jammy man was away in Amsterdam leaving me and James with a whole day to ourselves, something that has not happened for the longest time. I literally think last time we had a whole day together without one of us needing to go to work was when I sneaked away to Aberystwyth way back in April. So, obviously, we had to make use of it. With the cold, evil weather we are having at the moment, a proper adventure was off the cards so we fell back on our failsafe of cinema and a meal. The film we went to see was 47 Ronin which was really interesting. I know so little about Japanese history but it seems very intriguing. If only they didn't teach the World Wars one after the other in school and added a bit of Japanese history in. That would be so much better. Afterwards we shared a chicken at Nando's which is my new favourite thing to do. I can never finish my meal at Nando's so if I share a chicken with someone, they can finish what I can't, genius. As I was feeling especially generous, I actually gave a piece of my precious halloumi to James. Hope he knows how lucky he is...;)

As for my actual outfit. Well, it's strange. Looking back at it in photos now, I'm not sure I like it as much as I thought I did! It could be the way awkward way I've managed to pose in every single photo, but I suspect it's the black tights and boots upsetting me too. I think remove the tights, add some different shoes and some better weather and I'm onto a winner here. I think one of the things I do like about this outfit however is that I actually experimented with my jewellery. I have a lot of jewellery I got at Leeds Blogger Meet which I've yet to wear and I actually managed to put some on for this occasion. Sadly I've lost my info which tells me where these pieces actually came from, so sorry about that. I think the green beads and star bracelet is so cute. 

What do you think? Ditch the tights?

Style Icon: Blair Waldorf

Hello everyone. Today I thought I'd introduce a new feature to the blog: Style Icon. Since discovering Arbonne and deciding to avoid things like mineral oil and parabens in my beauty products, I've realised that more and more brands I used to love are just no go areas for me now. I've done a huge clearout of my beauty stash these past few days and I'm throwing away more than I'm keeping. It has made me realise that unless more brands want to commit to better ingredients in their products, my blog is definitely going to have to move away from beauty, particularly product reviews, because I'm going to run out of content! As fashion was something I love well before beauty and makeup, it makes sense to add a fashion/style related feature to the blog. I'm going to be sharing people, fictional or not, whose style inspires my own or I think just look downright amazing.

Today's style icon is Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf. I adored Gossip Girl and was very sad to see it go despite the fact that it had obviously run its course. I loved the characters, I loved getting a New York fix and of course, I love love love watching really stupidly rich people. However, it's probably the visual aspects of Gossip Girl I liked the best, the men were always impeccably dressed and the girls had wardrobes to die for, particularly my favourite character Blair. She is definitely the daughter of a fashion designer!

There are so many things I love about Blair's style. Of course, the first that springs to mind is her signature headband. The girl really knows how to rock a headband, particularly a nice big bow. It's something I'm very jealous of! Not to mention she has an amazing collection of hats too that are simply gorgeous. I actually do manage to wear hats, particularly berets, quite often myself, but I do really intend on incorporating more headwear into my look this year, just like Miss Waldorf.

I also like that Blair is always incredibly co-ordinated. She matches prints with true flair and the way she puts colour together is fabulous. I like how she'll wear something like a skirt with a small detail in a certain colour and match her blouse to that. Not to mention, she is really not afraid of colour at all and that is something I really like to see. All too often I see myself and other stray back to black but Blair seems to have worn every colour under the sun. The fact that's she is seen sporting yellow and green coats is just wonderful to me. There is also lot of embellishment on her clothing such as large ruffles, again, something I wholeheartedly approve of.

Blair Waldorf Inspired

Miss Selfridge pencil skirt
£35 - missselfridge.com

Zara shoes
£37 - zara.com

Black hairband
£39 - etsy.com

Here I've put together an outfit inspired by Blair. It's definitely something I'd consider wearing myself and I hope you like it too!

What do you think of my new style icon feature?

The Vixen Thinks: 14 Resolutions For Everyone

  1. Do not wait for a specific day to make a change. Make the change now.
  2. Do not call it failure when you slip up once. Don't give up. Just try again. The only real failure is in not trying at all.
  3. Healthy doesn't necessarily mean a gym membership and a restrictive diet. Healthy is knowing what is best for you and acting on it. Remember this.
  4. Be kind to everyone you meet whether they deserve it or not.
  5. Don't stagnate, do things that scare you, do something new. Do it often.
  6. If you're going to procrastinate, procrastinate wisely. Do something you enjoy doing rather than scrolling endlessly through social media.
  7. Learn to forgive.
  8. If you have a habit that you know adds nothing positive to your life, stop doing it and replace it with something a lot more positive.
  9. Get some fresh air everyday, even if that means opening your bedroom window and sticking your head out for five minutes.
  10. Unplug. Take a day away from the internet, your phone, your TV.
  11. Work out whether the things you're aiming for in life are things you want to aim for or are things you've told you want to aim for.
  12. Know that living in the present is brilliant but never forget your past and keep your future in your mind.
  13. Don't carry grudges.
  14. Take everything you read on the internet with a little pinch of salt!

NYE Outfit

I'm Wearing:
Primark Jumper
Missguided Skirt
Vivienne Westwood Shoes
Everything5Pounds Watch

On My Face:
Arbonne Primer
Arbonne Foundation
Arbonne Concealer
Bare Minerals Ready Veil in Translucent
Benefit Sugarbomb
Benefit High Beam
Urban Decay X-Rated and Coax
Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Precision Liner
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Black
Arbonne It's a Long Story Mascara
MUA One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in Moments (Niall)

Oh man, no matter how good my pictures look on my camera, sadly, I can guarantee that if I took them indoors, they are going to look terrible once they're online. So, sorry about that, the weather seriously sucks at the moment. It's a shame because I do adore this outfit and I wanted to do it justice! It's what I wore on New Year's Eve just in case the title of this post didn't give that away. I've had this Missguided skirt for months and months and months but had never worn it while I've had the Primark jumper weeks and worn it nearly to death already. Partly because I only packed two tops for some stupid reason when I went away for a week, partly because it's gorgeous and I'm obsessed with it's pink fluffy loveliness. On a whim, I whipped this Missguided skirt out of my drawers and the pink colour on it made me think of my Primark jumper. I laid the two out on my bed and a new favourite outfit was born!

New Year's Eve was of course spent with my boyfriend, just as it has been the past two NYE's we have been together. This year we were completely*~ wild and oh my god, went to the cinema, had a meal, and went to a house party. Yeah, shocking I know. Except it's not, cinema and meal are soooo standard for us. The house party was admittedly a little different but considering it's the house party I went to every year before I met him and it's the party of a family friend, I wouldn't say we were out of control or anything like that! Cinema was fabulous. We went to see the second Hobbit film which I absolutely adored. They have taken a lot of liberty with the original narrative but since a certain module I did at university that the name of which is escaping me right now, I'm quite good at seeing the film and the book as entirely different entities and I tell you, it sure does make these films a lot more enjoyable because I don't sit and compare the two constantly and get angry when they don't match. We went to Frankie and Benny's for a our meal which was a weird deja vu experience because it's what we did last year funnily enough

Bringing in the New Year itself was my favourite though. After completely ignoring the person I wanted to see at the party in the first place (Emily why are you such a freak?!) and being rather taken aback when a woman I have never met in my life asked me how I was feeling about my move down South then began to take photographs of my shoes, we all moved into the living room to watch the countdown on the Jools Holland show. As the clock struck midnight, everyone failed to let off party poppers as it appeared to be a faulty batch (we pulled them apart instead and I ended up covered in streamers - see Instagram), and we all broke into a rendition of Auld Lang Syne - COMPLETELY on kazoos that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. It was strange and beautiful and I cuddled my boyfriend for the first time this year I knew that this year was really going to be a perfect as I promised myself it would be. 

What were your plans for New Year? What did you wear?

A Wishlist For Our New Home

As you may, or may not, be aware, I will soon be moving into my first house with my boyfriend. As seems to be the case when you're buying a house, our moving in date seems to creep further away from us. Although I will be living with my boyfriend in just under a fortnight as I need to start my new job, sadly this won't be under our own roof just yet. That doesn't mean we haven't started buying and looking for beautiful things to fill our home with! While we've got the essentials like a bed, fridge/freezer etc sorted, I am obviously looking for less essential but incredibly pretty things. I thought I'd share a few of my favourites here on the blog.

First up, I'm obsessed with DotComGiftShop at the moment. Despite having gift shop in its title, I am rather sure that I will mainly use that website to by gifts for myself. It's so full of pretty things! For example, those adorable little drawers (1) would be the perfect little house for all my jewellery. As a typical blogger, I am of course obsessed with candles and think these whimsical tea light holders (2) would look perfect on my new dressing table and in the background of product photographs, no? I currently have an abundance of coats hung on the back of my bedroom door that like to fall off their single hook, so the third item on my wishlist, this gorgeous heart hanger, would be perfect for my coat collection.

I really think gorgeous artwork can really help make a house a home so naturally I have three prints on my wishlist. While James bought me a stunning canvas for Christmas, I've decided I'd like that in our living room and therefore need some cute pastel prints in our bedroom. The three pictured above are really quite perfect. Both James and I seriously want to travel, having a home together after being long distance for nearly two years is going to be a dream and we're both dead set on living our lives the way we want to. I'm also eyeing up pieces that state "Paris is always a good idea..."

Finally, bedding. This is superrrr important to me and I'm so lucky that one of the more beautiful sets we have stumbled across is one that we agree on. In fact, James even suggested we buy two sets of that with matching curtains. I was very pleased! However, I'm a girl who always wants more and I've since been having a look at some bedding on my own. I really love floral print bedding and I think these three are very stunning and not too girly to be shared with a man. Kinda.

Funny how getting a house makes you obsessed with interior design isn't it? What's on your home wishlist?

13 Things I Learnt in 2013

I know, I know. You're probably so, so, so sick of New Year's themed posts by now, I myself am on my third is as many days and if I stick to my January posting plan, this isn't even my last I'm afraid! However, I love new year. While I'm a firm believer that you can make a change at any time in your life, you don't have to wait until the New Year to do it, there's just something magical about a brand new year. Everyone is ready to change, everyone seems to be in that self improvement mindset. I myself am always very reflective and inspired at this time of year. For me, 2013 was a year of lessons, and in a way, I learnt more last year than my time in formal education ever taught me. Today, I want to share 13 of the lessons I learnt last year.

  1. There comes a point in your life where you have to learn to trust your own intuition. At the end of the day only you know what is genuinely best for you, no one else can truly tell you that. It is so easy to get distracted by what everyone else is consciously or subconsciously telling you to do, that sometimes you fail to recognise it isn't actually what you want. Tip: if you feel sad for no reasons it's probably because there's an imbalance with what you're doing and what you want to do. This is a sign you're not living for you. Work out which voice in your head is your voice and listen to it. Living my life the way I want to was the huge turning point in my journey towards happiness.
  2. You create your own life. If you believe you have a rubbish life, you will have a rubbish life. If you believe you have an amazing life, you will have an amazing life. It's funny how quickly your life turns around when you stop complaining about how much it sucks. 
  3. Change is the only constant. The more you fear change, the more change you will experience. It is futile to experience change. Embrace change, welcome it into your life. 
  4. Don't strive for perfection, it's setting yourself up for failure. I'm so obsessed with doing everything right that I am always really let down when I don't manage to do something and it just creates unnecessary pain in my life. Strive for your personal best, not perfection. 
  5. When you're recovering from depression, feeling sad is not a failure. The opposite of depression is not being constantly happy. It is perfectly normal, perfectly human, to experience a full range of emotion. In fact, I knew my depression was improving when I started feeling a full range of emotions again, even if not all of them were positive. It is impossible to be happy all the time, and it is perfectly healthy to have down days. Don't beat yourself up because you're not 100% happy 100% of the time. 
  6. My life is better when I remember to take my makeup off at night.
  7. I feel best when I eat nutritious and healthy food, but eating something is always better than eating nothing.
  8. Absolutely anyone can be wealthy if they just know how, and believe me, if you're that bothered about being rich, it's easy enough to work out how to do it. The best bit is you don't even need a J.O.B.
  9. Do not model your own relationships on the relationships of other people. This includes familial relationships, friendships and your romantic relationships. Comparison is bound to end in misery and at the end of the day, only the people involved in a relationship really know the truth of the situation. It has been floating around the internet for ages and isn't original anymore in the slightest, but seriously, "don't compare your behind the scenes to anyone else's highlight reel." To be honest, this doesn't just apply to relationships...
  10. While it's nice to believe in something, such as feminism, your life will actually be so much happier if you stop seeking out things to have a good moan about. By all means call something serious out when you see it, but don't jump on everyone for the tiniest of things and well, just stop being so bloody offended. Watch how your life improves. 
  11. Even the things you want most in life can come with huge doses of stress attached to them, just remember why you want it in the first place and focus on the positive outcome. 
  12. Shopping will not fill the hole in your soul. 
  13. It doesn't matter how badly something starts, you can always, always, always turn it around. Start from scratch if you need to. Just never give up on the things you want in life, whatever that is.
What did you learn 2013?

Things I Loved in 2013

As is traditional for me, when a year ends, I like to round up my favourite things of the year and grouping them into categories. In 2010 I did Top 10s, in 2011, Top 11s but went backwards in 2012 and did Top 10s again. This year I'm being even lazier and only doing Top 5s. I like to think my lists this year are more exclusive though! I love lining up my favourites like this because I think it's really interesting seeing how I develop over the years, what changes and what will never change. I like seeing similar posts from other people too! These lists are all my own personal opinion in no particular order.

Top 5 Books

  1. The Secret (Rhonda Byrne)
  2. The Business of the 21st Century (Robert Kiyosaki)
  3. Cross Bones (Kathy Reichs)
  4. Grave Secrets (Kathy Reichs)
  5. Bones to Ashes (Kathy Reichs)

Top 5 TV Shows

  1. Dexter
  2. Sherlock
  3. Bones
  4. Bates Motel
  5. Sleepy Hollow

Top 5 Films

  1. The Hobbit
  2. Grabbers
  3. City of Bones
  4. Catching Fire
  5. The Craft

Top 5 Musicians

  1. Wednesday 13
  2. Garbage
  3. Lana Del Rey
  4. Marina and the Diamonds
  5. Lorde

Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. Resolutions
  2. Love, Gossip Girl, Relationships and Me
  3. Life's a Grave, Dig It
  4. A Thought To Live By
  5. Leeds Blogger Meet

Top 5 Beauty Products

  1. Arbonne Liquid Perfecting Foundation
  2. Arbonne FC5 Oily/Combination Set
  3. MUA One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in Moments (Niall)
  4. Benefit Sugarbomb Blusher
  5. Arbonne Creme Concealer
Sadly, I've yet to review any of these, minus the blusher, but will be coming this year, I promise!

Top 5 Outfits

  1. Purple Velvet
  2. Little Pink Dress
  3. Sunshine and Roses
  4. Daisy, Daisy
  5. Chester Zoo Outfit

So there you have it, my favourites of 2013! Do we have anything in common? Let me know!

Starting With a Cliche: 2014 Is MINE

2013, what a year it was. I won't lie, I started the year an absolute mess. I was two stone lighter than I am now making me severely underweight. I was on antidepressants that made me more depressed than my actual depression did. I was fighting and arguing constantly with everyone around me, especially the people I loved most. I hated my job and all I felt was bitterness towards the BBC because nevermind the fact that they didn't accept me onto their Journalism Trainee Scheme, they didn't even bother interviewing me for it. I was full of hatred, mainly hatred towards myself which radiating out and into every other aspect of my life. Unhappy does not cover it and it genuinely scares me now thinking back to just how low I allowed myself to become.

It is triumphant for me to say that I have started 2014 as almost the complete opposite of what I was entering 2013. I am a lovely healthy weight and while body confidence is not something I've really struggled with, I know now when I see myself how good and healthy I look and I want to keep it that way. I am not taking antidepressants anymore. I feel much closer to my loved ones and the arguments I have with them are not serious. I especially feel like my relationship with my boyfriend James is closer than I ever imagined it could be. Not only do I love the job I hold currently, but I have also been given a new job for when I move house: as a journalist no less! Although I was scared to let my current employers down, they have been wonderful and supportive of my move making the joy of my first graduate level job even greater.

Everything changed for me in 2013 and it has set me up for the most amazing year in the form of 2014. Although 2013 started badly, in March I started to improve and actively work to make myself feel better. When I saw Wednesday 13 in March, I remembered that there are things on this earth worth living for. I enjoyed myself so much that night. It was shortly after this that I had started to rebuild my relationship with James and at the very end of March I went to Aberystwyth to visit him. It was this that cemented new, solid foundations to our relationship and help us build what we have now.

In April, I interviewed for the position of Team Leader at work. I had transferred from my old Wakefield store to the Castleford one just over a month before. I gained the job and my self confidence was restored. At the age of 21 I was managing a team of people, the majority of which were older and more experienced than me. I was selling beauty products and seriously enjoying the company of my colleagues and customers.

In May, I turned 22 and had a fantastic day out at Chester Zoo. I wrote my 22 Before 23 list and made a start in making further positive changes in my life. In June, I changed my blog layout and conducted a 2 month long spending ban. In July I was able to congratulate myself for having some self control.

August was amazingly exciting. I attended my first blogger meet and met Nicola who was so very important. Nicola of course, introduced me to Arbonne. I have started my own business and discovered amazing products that have cleared up my skin and have begun to move me towards the life of my dreams. In September, I went to another blogger meet and did a 30 day blog post challenge! By October I was ready to officially qualify as a Team Leader even though I'd been doing the job for months. November was mainly behind the scenes; although my blog was quiet I was busy devouring information about network marketing and amazing books like The Secret. Oh and I went and met Wednesday 13 again! I also secured a house to live in with James. In December, I not only went to see our new house but I interviewed for a job as a journalist and actually got the job much to my delight.

Of course, I also started The Glitter Vixen. Although I've been on the internet for 10+ years and blogging since 2009, The Glitter Vixen is the first blog I've been really proud of and happy to share with people. I really want to thank all you lovely readers for your support and encouraging me to keep going with what is going to be a lifelong hobby for me. The Glitter Vixen has kept me grounded this year and has served as diary for me to look back on as well as what I hope it a wealth of information and interesting reads for you!

In 2014, I will be starting my career, building my business, moving in with James and starting a new life in a new town. I well and truly cannot wait to see what else it holds for me, because just one of those items on that list would be enough for me!

Happy New Year fellow foxes xoxo