As you may, or may not, be aware, I will soon be moving into my first house with my boyfriend. As seems to be the case when you're buying a house, our moving in date seems to creep further away from us. Although I will be living with my boyfriend in just under a fortnight as I need to start my new job, sadly this won't be under our own roof just yet. That doesn't mean we haven't started buying and looking for beautiful things to fill our home with! While we've got the essentials like a bed, fridge/freezer etc sorted, I am obviously looking for less essential but incredibly pretty things. I thought I'd share a few of my favourites here on the blog.

First up, I'm obsessed with DotComGiftShop at the moment. Despite having gift shop in its title, I am rather sure that I will mainly use that website to by gifts for myself. It's so full of pretty things! For example, those adorable little drawers (1) would be the perfect little house for all my jewellery. As a typical blogger, I am of course obsessed with candles and think these whimsical tea light holders (2) would look perfect on my new dressing table and in the background of product photographs, no? I currently have an abundance of coats hung on the back of my bedroom door that like to fall off their single hook, so the third item on my wishlist, this gorgeous heart hanger, would be perfect for my coat collection.

I really think gorgeous artwork can really help make a house a home so naturally I have three prints on my wishlist. While James bought me a stunning canvas for Christmas, I've decided I'd like that in our living room and therefore need some cute pastel prints in our bedroom. The three pictured above are really quite perfect. Both James and I seriously want to travel, having a home together after being long distance for nearly two years is going to be a dream and we're both dead set on living our lives the way we want to. I'm also eyeing up pieces that state "Paris is always a good idea..."

Finally, bedding. This is superrrr important to me and I'm so lucky that one of the more beautiful sets we have stumbled across is one that we agree on. In fact, James even suggested we buy two sets of that with matching curtains. I was very pleased! However, I'm a girl who always wants more and I've since been having a look at some bedding on my own. I really love floral print bedding and I think these three are very stunning and not too girly to be shared with a man. Kinda.

Funny how getting a house makes you obsessed with interior design isn't it? What's on your home wishlist?