Arbonne Makeup Primer [Product Review]

At the time of writing this post, I was an Arbonne Independent Consultant. To learn more about what this means, please click here.

Today I'm bringing you another Arbonne review, this time I'm talking about an essential item from their makeup line: the primer. Primer has become somewhat of an must have item for me since I discovered Benefit's Porefessional. Previously, I'd hated primers after a bad experience with the horrible, slippery mess that is the E.L.F primer but Porefessional made me much more open to the primer group. 

My Arbonne primer was in my very first Arbonne order. That was way back in August last year and I'm so pleased and well, amazed, to report that I am still using the same bottle! That's 5 months of use and counting of a product I use every time I wear makeup, which is almost every day. I only need half a pump of this primer for it to have results and it's make the cost per use incredibly low and completely worth it.

I apply the primer with my fingers all over my face and neck after moisturising and applying the FC5 Mattifying Powder, also by Arbonne. It's velvety smooth and leaves my face a wonderfully smooth canvas. At 22 years old, I'm starting to get fine lines around my eyes now and my skin has quite a rough texture due to acne scarring - this primer sorts all that out for me. It also stays put on my face day, locking the rest of my makeup to my face with it. I've also noticed my skin just looks healthier when I've got this in. I don't know if Arbonne intended this to be the case or not, but I'm sure it's got some illuminating properties to it because my skin always looks less sallow once I've applied this primer.

Obviously, the verdict is I love this primer. I wouldn't be without it now!