Left: Nude Eclipse, Right: Luna
Nude Eclipse
So, the Rimmel Apocalips were one of those products that causes the blogosphere to explode upon their release. Initially, I was totally uninterested. The shade range seemed bland, I'm not a fan of gloss, and well, I just didn't get the hype. However, shortly after they were released, I transferred from one Superdrug store to another and in my new store, rather than being stuck behind the till all the time, I dangerously got to spend a lot of time on the makeup isle and I had a little play with the Apocalips range. Luna and Nude Eclipse really caught my fancy and one day, when I needed a new foundation, I picked that up along with these two on a 3 for 2 deal.

In all honesty, I'm really not sure what my opinion on these products actually is. I definitely don't think they're the holy grail drugstore lip product some make them out to be, I don't even think I'd describe them as good. That being said, I still wear these two every now and again and I have actually purchased one of the new colours released into the Apocalips range. They've even survived the huge makeup cull I've had recently.

Firstly, Rimmel claim that these lip colours have the true colour and pigmentation of a lipstick, but the high shine of a gloss. Yes, they are very pigmented and provide a solid colour but I really don't think they're shiny at all, not even remotely glossy. They also have an absolutely bizarre taste. It's not horrid or anything, it's just downright weird. The applicator is also quite annoying - you need to scrape loads of product off it before you can use it unless you want really caked on lips. The lasting time is also appalling - if you don't fancy eating or drinking anything at all, you might get a few hours wear out of them at a push. But if you put anything anywhere near your mouth, sorry, but they're gone.

Despite all this, there's something about the Apocalips that I must like. Luna is the only orange shade I've tried so far that I feel like I can actually pull off, so I really like that. I also really like the colour of Nude Eclipse providing you only use a tiny bit of it. I'm actually wearing Nude Eclipse as I write this. I'm not really too bothered by the rest of the shades in the range, although I bought Across the Universe (I think) the other day but I'll explain why I decided to buy that and why it's so different from the rest another day. I do really like the packaging. I think it looks really cool and it's different to anything else I have.

So yeah, there you have it. A very weird, indecisive review. Basically I don't like the Rimmel Apocalips but I still wear them. Yeah.