2013, what a year it was. I won't lie, I started the year an absolute mess. I was two stone lighter than I am now making me severely underweight. I was on antidepressants that made me more depressed than my actual depression did. I was fighting and arguing constantly with everyone around me, especially the people I loved most. I hated my job and all I felt was bitterness towards the BBC because nevermind the fact that they didn't accept me onto their Journalism Trainee Scheme, they didn't even bother interviewing me for it. I was full of hatred, mainly hatred towards myself which radiating out and into every other aspect of my life. Unhappy does not cover it and it genuinely scares me now thinking back to just how low I allowed myself to become.

It is triumphant for me to say that I have started 2014 as almost the complete opposite of what I was entering 2013. I am a lovely healthy weight and while body confidence is not something I've really struggled with, I know now when I see myself how good and healthy I look and I want to keep it that way. I am not taking antidepressants anymore. I feel much closer to my loved ones and the arguments I have with them are not serious. I especially feel like my relationship with my boyfriend James is closer than I ever imagined it could be. Not only do I love the job I hold currently, but I have also been given a new job for when I move house: as a journalist no less! Although I was scared to let my current employers down, they have been wonderful and supportive of my move making the joy of my first graduate level job even greater.

Everything changed for me in 2013 and it has set me up for the most amazing year in the form of 2014. Although 2013 started badly, in March I started to improve and actively work to make myself feel better. When I saw Wednesday 13 in March, I remembered that there are things on this earth worth living for. I enjoyed myself so much that night. It was shortly after this that I had started to rebuild my relationship with James and at the very end of March I went to Aberystwyth to visit him. It was this that cemented new, solid foundations to our relationship and help us build what we have now.

In April, I interviewed for the position of Team Leader at work. I had transferred from my old Wakefield store to the Castleford one just over a month before. I gained the job and my self confidence was restored. At the age of 21 I was managing a team of people, the majority of which were older and more experienced than me. I was selling beauty products and seriously enjoying the company of my colleagues and customers.

In May, I turned 22 and had a fantastic day out at Chester Zoo. I wrote my 22 Before 23 list and made a start in making further positive changes in my life. In June, I changed my blog layout and conducted a 2 month long spending ban. In July I was able to congratulate myself for having some self control.

August was amazingly exciting. I attended my first blogger meet and met Nicola who was so very important. Nicola of course, introduced me to Arbonne. I have started my own business and discovered amazing products that have cleared up my skin and have begun to move me towards the life of my dreams. In September, I went to another blogger meet and did a 30 day blog post challenge! By October I was ready to officially qualify as a Team Leader even though I'd been doing the job for months. November was mainly behind the scenes; although my blog was quiet I was busy devouring information about network marketing and amazing books like The Secret. Oh and I went and met Wednesday 13 again! I also secured a house to live in with James. In December, I not only went to see our new house but I interviewed for a job as a journalist and actually got the job much to my delight.

Of course, I also started The Glitter Vixen. Although I've been on the internet for 10+ years and blogging since 2009, The Glitter Vixen is the first blog I've been really proud of and happy to share with people. I really want to thank all you lovely readers for your support and encouraging me to keep going with what is going to be a lifelong hobby for me. The Glitter Vixen has kept me grounded this year and has served as diary for me to look back on as well as what I hope it a wealth of information and interesting reads for you!

In 2014, I will be starting my career, building my business, moving in with James and starting a new life in a new town. I well and truly cannot wait to see what else it holds for me, because just one of those items on that list would be enough for me!

Happy New Year fellow foxes xoxo