Happy birthday to my little space on the internet, The Glitter Vixen! OK, I'm not exactly sure when her first birthday is - my first post was actually Monday 7th January 2013 but I went live on Monday 28th January. The Glitter Vixen also existed in my head, and I had secured the URL well before these dates. So I'm celebrating the 1st birthday today, simply because I feel like it.

I do love my blog. I've never, ever had a hobby that my interest has been sustained in for this long. In fact, I am actually quite upset that I can't dedicate the amount of time I used to towards my blog. I don't mean this in a "I should be blogging every day" type of way; I mean this from a "I really, really love blogging and can't stand that my "real" life is getting so massively in the way of it currently" way. I promised myself that once I started working full time, I was not going to let my blog suffer for it but it turns out there's way much more than the 9-5.30 I spend in the office Monday-Friday that can have an effect on whether I get a post up or not.

Sadness aside, I'm so pleased with the direction my blog has taken. I'm hugely happy every time I check out my follower count. I love reading the comments I get and discovering other cool little blogs in the process. I adore my blog design, and the design I had before that. I'm pleased with the way my content has evolved and I'm glad I'm slowly getting less awkward in my YouTube videos. While my blog is probably going to be inconsistent until I'm moved into my new house and settled in properly, I am determined for it to flourish this year. To celebrate my first year of real blogging, I've decided to set some blogging resolutions.

  1. Read other people's blogs - if I can make time for my own blog, I can make time for yours. I watch the unread number on my BlogLovin creep up and up - NO MORE! Ooo, and I will leave comments too.
  2. Engage more with my readers. Generally I'm very good at replying to and even returning blog comments but I want to do this more promptly or regularly.
  3. Be present on my YouTube channel. I'm appalling at even publishing comments there never mind responding. I want to build a community over there. Although, Google, if you're reading, make this easier to do from my phone!
  4. Only blog if I'm happy with the content I'm posting. As much as I love having my little schedule, if I'm not in the blogging mood, I can stray away from that precious schedule.
  5. Branch out into other subjects - I feel I am moving away from being as obsessed with makeup as I used to be so it's time for my blog to reflect this.
  6. Participate in more blog chats - I miss my Sunday night Twitter nights dearly!
  7. Rebrand. I love the scallops, the glitter, whimsical fonts, but I think 2014 is time for a little change layout wise; I'm working on ideas already.
  8. Invest some time into learning how to take amazing photographs and film amazing videos. Learn to edit them properly too. I'm probably going to invest in some new equipment for this too!
  9. Follow "smaller" YouTubers - I follow all the big names on their but hardly anyone on a similar level to me. I love lesser known blogs, it's time for that to spread to YouTube. 
I'm assuming you're a blogger too if you're reading this. Do you have nay blogging resolutions?