1. Do not wait for a specific day to make a change. Make the change now.
  2. Do not call it failure when you slip up once. Don't give up. Just try again. The only real failure is in not trying at all.
  3. Healthy doesn't necessarily mean a gym membership and a restrictive diet. Healthy is knowing what is best for you and acting on it. Remember this.
  4. Be kind to everyone you meet whether they deserve it or not.
  5. Don't stagnate, do things that scare you, do something new. Do it often.
  6. If you're going to procrastinate, procrastinate wisely. Do something you enjoy doing rather than scrolling endlessly through social media.
  7. Learn to forgive.
  8. If you have a habit that you know adds nothing positive to your life, stop doing it and replace it with something a lot more positive.
  9. Get some fresh air everyday, even if that means opening your bedroom window and sticking your head out for five minutes.
  10. Unplug. Take a day away from the internet, your phone, your TV.
  11. Work out whether the things you're aiming for in life are things you want to aim for or are things you've told you want to aim for.
  12. Know that living in the present is brilliant but never forget your past and keep your future in your mind.
  13. Don't carry grudges.
  14. Take everything you read on the internet with a little pinch of salt!