Do all things with love.

So often our actions are determined by such negative emotions. We are motivated by jealousy, anger, fear, sadness, even hatred.

I want to do all things with love.

When someone hurts me, I want to respond with love. I want to recognise it's nothing personal. I want to see it for what it is: they are not doing all things with love. There is something in their life making them feel negative and sometimes, other people end up bearing the brunt of that. Rather than responding to their negativity with anger or annoyance, I want to show them a little bit of the love they are lacking. Ask them if they are ok. Is there anything I can do?

Sometimes, I fear my motivations are in the wrong place. Am I moving away from Wakefield because I love the town I am moving to, or am I moving away from Wakefield because I hate Wakefield? Am I moving away from Wakefield because I'm too scared to go into town anymore, because there's parts of my past I want nothing to do with? Am I moving in with James because I am truly in love with him, or am I moving in with him to prove a point to certain people? Have I accepted a job in journalism because I love the idea of this career, or am I pursuing journalism as a career path because I'm frightened of the alternative - staying at Superdrug for the rest of my life, or god forbid, actually trying to go my own way and run a self sufficient business. Do I just like people congratulating me and telling me I'm doing the right thing?

Yes, very personal questions I've just asked there - but I'm sure there are questions I could ask you that are in a similar vain.

I resolve to do all things with love.

I want to live with James because I am in love with him. I am moving away from Wakefield because I love a new change, a fresh start, a real adventure. I am starting a new job for similar reasons - that and someone wants to pay me for my favourite hobby: writing. I'm starting afresh for love of myself: I don't want to stagnate. I want to be kept on my toes. Giving myself a new life is the most loving thing I could ever do for myself.

Are you living your life for the right reasons?