Having tried around four "different" micellar waters now, I feel like I've realised they're all pretty much the same product in different bottles with slightly different scents and wildly different prices. I was fascinated by Bioderma when it first started appearing on blogs but could never bring myself to source any. The first I tried was by Vichy but I found its price a little eye watering despite really liking the product. When the B. brand launched just over a year ago, the micellar water was the first thing I got excited about and it became the second ever micellar water I ever tried.

First of all, this is a very purse friendly product. At full price it will set you back £4.99 which isn't bad at all but it's usually on offer anyway!

This really is a very pure feeling product, I don't remember it having any sort of smell to it at all. It genuinely felt like water on my face yet still managed to remove my facial makeup with ease.

And yet...it isn't perfect. In fact it has one problem with it that means I doubt I'll ever pick this up again. It stung my eyes like crazy, and sadly, I've read other reviews which say the same.

To me, the whole point of micellar waters is as a very gentle, yet effective pre-cleanser, mainly for eye makeup removal purposes. If I can't use a micellar water around my eyes comfortably, then I can't use it at all.

This really is such a shame, because I love every other product I've tried by B.!

Have you tried this micellar water? Which micellar water is your favourite?