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It has been a while since I had the pleasure of joining in with a Twitter chat like #lbloggers or #bbloggers. I do occasionally scroll through Twitter when a chat is taking place, and I've noticed that sponsored posts and earning money from blogging are frequent and hot topics. Generally, I see one of two views: first you get the "you should do blogging for the love of it! Blogging for money is evil!"camp. You then get the "there's nothing wrong with sponsored posts, just make sure it fits your blog" type people. Now, I don't really agree with either of these camps entirely...

I am all for blogging for money. If you start a blog and your intention from the very beginning is to make money from it, then go for it. If you just want a new hobby, go for that. If you want a new hobby and hope to earn a little money in the progress, yeah, you guessed it, I'm fine with it. It's your blog.

I understand a lot of people reading blogs about a certain topic don't want to see a random sponsored post in there. I get that ads littered all over a page isn't exactly nice. However, the beauty of blogs is you can click that little 'x' in the right hand corner and never even think about a blog again if it offends you that much. At the end of the day, it's the decision of the blogger what goes on their blog. Now what they want might not get them readers, but really, what concern is that of yours, seriously?

I'm pretty sure I once saw someone moaning about seeing a review about a lawnmower on a beauty blog. It might have been exaggeration, I'm not sure. Thing is, I thought about this, and I realised I wouldn't care. When I'm scrolling through the BlogLovin app on my phone, if I see a post I'm not interested in, I mark it as read and I move onto the next. I genuinely don't understand why the things people choose to write about on their blog has suddenly become such an issue! There are very few blogs out there where I want to read every single post, so if a blogger you normally like does an off topic post one day that just happens to earn them a bit of money, why does it cause so much outrage?

Personally, I think this all stems from something that I believe is at the root of most of life's problems. It's that little green eyed monster called Jealousy. I think a lot of bloggers get annoyed that other bloggers make money and they don't so they attack attack attack. I also think there's a little bit of fear in there too: people really, really resist the idea that there's other ways to earn money besides going to work. Believe me, as an Arbonne Independent Consultant I realise this a lot more now. People are so stuck in their little routines, the belief that the only way to have money is to work for someone else, that it's good and admirable to do this, that when someone comes along and changes the status quo, they get really scared and defensive. 

Anyway, I got a little heavier there than I intended to. Really, blogging is meant to be fun. It has come a long way since our secret little diaries on LiveJournal and it's so amazing watching it develop. I love my blog because it's mine. In fact, now I'm a journalist and write three articles a day that I have very little choice over, I love coming home and writing about whatever I want even more. Stop trying to take that away from people! If you don't like their blog, don't read it, but don't tell them what they can and can't do on THEIR blog.

Oh, and one last note: this isn't some defensive post from a blogger who writes sponsored posts about "questionable" topics - in fact I turn down every offer for sponsored posts I get and rarely accept products for review, so hush ;)

Anyone out there feel the same way?