WIWIW #1: Deep Night

Hello everyone! Today I am introducing a new feature to the blog: What I Wish I Wore, OR, WIWIW. The premise behind this is simple, I will just post a Polyvore set featuring an outfit I wish I was wearing. My reasoning behind this? Well...I'm a very silly girl who has moved house and forgotten to bring her camera, which sadly means outfit posts are definitely on hold for the time being. I decided rather than let the style side of my blog disappear completely, I'd feature some outfits I really do wish I could wear. It gives me a reason to window shop, and not to mention, today's offering satisfies my need to get away from the conservative world of work wear!

The main item in today's WIWIW post is the Motel Moon and Stars Playsuit. I first clapped eyes on this on another blogger and it was love at first sight. I'm really into witchy style fashion at the moment - gemstone jewellery, prints with moons, stars, the sun etc. I think starting my new job has only fueled this new fascination. While initially I was so excited to have my little wardrobe of work appropriate clothes, I currently only have work clothes, and believe me, it gets old, fast.

Currently, there's only one way I want to wear this playsuit. Although I've featured black creepers here, if when I get round to owning this playsuit, it'll be with my creepers which are actually grey. The best way to finish a little witchy outfit off is of course with a deep purple lipstick. I'm tempted by Lime Crime's Poisonberry but in real life it'd probably be Topshop Inhibition I went with because I already own it! I've got an Xtras nail polish too that looks very similar to the one pictured.

Having thought about this...I think my Doc Martens would look pretty wicked too.

What do you think of this new addition to The Glitter Vixen?