Oh my god, with just under two months to go before I turn 23 (er, what?!), I thought it was about time to check up on my 22 Before 23 list. Amazingly, I have actually completed a number of items and have started a fair few more where I'm on track to finish them on time. Others, I definitely won't complete in time now, while some I don't even want to complete now.


Start My Own Business: while this goal is not at all how I originally envisioned it being, I am super happy to say I have completed this goal. At first, I wanted to make tshirts, jewellery, accessories, that kind of thing and sell them on Etsy. After procrastinating for months, I soon realised this was not for me at all. No worries though: in August I met Nicola who introduced me to Arbonne, and just like that, a better business than I ever imagined was born. 

Complete My Team Leader Training At Work: another goal that I've completed but has changed completely. In October I officially qualified as a Team Leader for Superdrug which was a triumphant day for me. However, by December, I knew I was definitely leaving Wakefield and ended up interviewing for a job as a journalist which I got in the end. So, my training is completely irrelevant now but still glad I've got it. I do miss Superdrug, oddly enough.

Move Out: I have most definitely managed to move out and I am now living in a lovely 3-bedroom house with my boyfriend. I am beyond pleased with this development in my life. I just can't wait to finish renovating my house now!

Get My Hair Cut and Coloured: I went from my weird blonde colour to a nice, natural brown. I also had a short fringe put in. I need to get better at maintaining this as it grows out so quickly and makes it look like there's been no change, but I still say mission accomplished on this one.

Get 100+ Blog Followers: so, so, so delighted to have hit this. I'm even past 200 now on BlogLovin! Thank you everyone :)

Be Organised For Christmas: apart from a watch that never arrived for my sister, I actually ordered everyone's Christmas presents before Christmas this year and they actually received them. Way better than 2012's fiasco where I did all my Christmas shopping on or after Christmas Eve...

Successfully Execute a Two-Month Spending Ban: I blogged about this here.

Give Up Coke For 40 Days and 40 Nights: I decided on this one because I failed to give up coke for lent. Basically, I used to drink way too much coke. It gives me spots, it's bad for every part of your body and well, there's no need to have it in my life. So around July I gave it up for a while and my body and face thanked me for it. While I do drink it now, it's not even a weekly thing, nevermind a daily thing anymore!

Roller Derby: just last week I managed to hit this goal! I was around 17 when I first discovered the existence of roller derby and I vowed to do it as soon I as turned 18 (minimum age to participate.) However, my 18th birthday came and went, so did my 19th, my 20th, 21st and 22nd. When I realised Wiltshire Roller Derby were recruiting last week, I absolutely jumped at the chance. Now I can't wait to go to my next practice on Thursday!

Learn a New Language: making a start on this one should not have taken as long as it did, however, it took me so long to decide what language to actually learn! I narrowed it down to French (because I already know a little bit) and Spanish (makes watching Breaking Bad etc easier, one of most popular global languages) and eventually decided on Spanish. About a fortnight ago, I finally took notice of a note I'd written myself on Evernote about an app called Duolingo and downloaded it. I never thought a language learning app would be effective, but here I am, with a few Spanish sentences under my belt in a short amount of time. 

Remember It's Not The End of The World If These Goals Change: this is so true! A number of things on this list don't appeal to me in the slightest anymore and considering this is just a fun exercise, I don't have to complete them for the sake of it.


Learn To Sew: honestly, I don't have the time or patience for this. I can stitch my disco pants together when I split them and that's all the modern girl needs ;)

Bake One Cake a Month: turns I out I much prefer eating cake to making it...

Get My Eyebrows Threaded: what in God's name did I find wrong with waxing them when I wrote this list?!


Read Two Books a Month: obviously I can't complete this one until my birthday has actually come, but I am well on track to succeed, hooray. Reading is my boyfriend.

Own Everything On My High-End Arbonne Wishlist: since discovering Arbonne I've found other brands relatively boring so I made a tactical change to this goal to make it more likely to achieve. Definitely well on my way for this - just don't release anything new Arbonne before my birthday!


Pass My Driving Test: Too many nerves, too little money. It has however, become an essential skill since I moved down south, so if I haven't done this by my 24th birthday, I'm in trouble. 

Go To A Theme Park And Actually Go On The Rides: poor organisational skills on this one, gonna work on the boyfriend and the colleagues and try to make this happen!

Visit My Brother In University: another case of poor organisational skills, lack of money and lack of time. Must do this one day at least. 

Try And Go A Day Without Internet - Phone Included: shame on me, can't believe I have failed to manage this.

Try/Cook a Brand New Dish: I'm sure I've tried new things (I've been to Cosmos at least 3 times since my birthday and I always try something new there) but I think I'll feel more accomplished if I actually cook something.

Get a 3DS and Complete Luigi's Mansion: turns out moving house is very expensive and a 3DS is a luxury I can only dream of right now. *sobs*

Do you complete this kind of list? Let me know!