Arbonne FC5 Moisturising Night Creme [Product Review]

At the time of writing this post, I was an Arbonne Independent Consultant. To learn more about what this means, please click here.

The FC5 Moisturising Night Creme is an Arbonne favourite of mine, despite it being aimed at Normal/Dry skin types. My skin is actually of the very oily persuasion and exceptionally blemish prone, however, I do favour highly nourishing night creams because a combination of my prescribed acne medication or other skin care aimed at skin types like mine often has a hugely drying affect. When it comes to soothing and nourishing my poor skin, this offering from Arbonne ticks all the boxes.

The first thing you notice when using this moisturiser is the smell. FC5 actually stands for the "fresh cell" technology used in the range, with the number five standing for the five key ingredients involved. When you dip your spatula or cotton bud in the formula (fingers not recommended when using this product, you don't want to contaminate it) and use your fingers to apply it your face, these "fresh cells" burst on your skin and it really does create the most divine smell. The entire FC5 range smells great, but the night creme is the strongest and most pleasing for me.

As with the vast majority of Arbonne products, you only need a tiny, tiny amount of this for it to do the trick. My tub bought in August is still going strong despite nightly use. I use an amount about twice the size of the tip of the cotton bud I use to apply it with and that's more than enough. I spread it across my face and neck in outward motions and it instantly has a soothing cooling effect. It sinks into the skin quickly with no residue.

In the morning, my skin is always fresh-feeling, plump-looking and feels very soft and hydrated. It prevented any skin peeling when I was on extremely harsh acne medication and forgive me for a little bit TMI, but it stops any blemishes I have at the time drying out and forming a scab - a huge benefit for girls like me who insist on wearing makeup to hide their flaws rather than letting them breathe and heal properly.

I couldn't recommend this product enough, both to those of you with dry skin and those of you who like me, abuse their skin during the day in attempt to get rid of nasty adult acne.

What's your favourite night cream?