So, earlier today, I posted all about the challenges I've been facing since I started my new life down south. However, I ended the post on a positive note, saying that I'm reading to focus on the good in my life and jump over the hurdles the universe has placed in my path. One of the ways I've decided to bring my focus round to the better parts of my life is by participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I actually started doing this well before my house woes presented themselves and it has been lovely little part of my day that has reminded me it's not all doom and gloom. I recently reached day 50 and am now halfway through the challenge, so I thought I'd share the pictures I'd snapped so far.

Day One: getting the keys to my new house
Day Two: a pair of new boots after wearing the only pair of flats I'd brought down with me to death
Day Three: a gorgeous orchid housewarming present
Day Four: an amusing fixture outside my new house
Day Five: a fox doorstop
Day Six: my friend at work shares her goodies with me!
Day Seven:  a Bei Badgirl background on my phone along with an affirmations app
Day 8: it was Valentine's Day!
Day 9: naughty breakfasts
Day 10: Ella the cockapoo!
Day 11: my job as a journalist means I can work from home!
Day 12: playing Dragon Quest on my DS
Day 13: Subway near work
Day 14: glass of wine
Day 15: new bedding
Day 16: more housewarming gifts
Day 17: progress on the house
Day 18: my favourite fizzy drink
Day 19: tulips
Day 20: seeds to grow flowers of my own
Day 21: er yep, more flowers! (I like Spring)
Day 22: watching Charmed after restarting my Netflix subscription, it was the first thing I ever got obsessed with!
Day 23: cute little daffodils
Day 24: miniature ice creams in crazy flavours
Day 25: carrying cake around in my handbag...

Day 26: Courtney Love announced she was touring!!!
Day 27: pop tarts :)
Day 28: one of my favourite work lunches
Day 29: actually bought tickets for Courtney!!!
Day 30: went to Cosmos with James, his dad and his girlfriend and she didn't understand just how spicy wasabi is and shovelled it onto her plate, bless her :)
Day 31: saw a puffer fish at the pet shop! I thought it was so cute.
Day 32: went to see the new Liam Neeson film
Day 33: finally got Arbonne's Genius back in my life
Day 34: I have a massive collection of adorable socks
Day 35: I was really enjoying my job this day
Day 36: I started reading a childhood favourite
Day 37: I organised myself (a little obsessively) for my blog relaunch
Day 38: my favourite workwear items: my grey dress, a statement necklace and my lace blazer
Day 39: I thought Ella the cockapoo and her puppy, Lucy, looked so cute like this
Day 40: I was chilling in the sunshine with Chloe
Day 41: I ordered us a new fireplace!!!
Day 42: playing Zombies Ate My Friends on my Kindle
Day 43: we finally got Internet in the house (still a building site, but I declare it liveable now)
Day 44: we had our first Domino's Swindon
Day 45: our new cooker arrived
Day 46: I went to London and these were my in journey healthy treat
Day 47: I survived and covered my first event as a journalist
Day 48: Easter means delicious treats at work for lunch
Day 50: I got lots of new pink workout wear to motivate me - this girl needs to strengthen up if she's gonna keep roller derby up!!!

WOW. Just writing all that out has completely erased any bad memories I have from the past 50 days and left me feeling completely elated. I actually have so much going on in my life right now, good stuff and I can't wait to share it all on this blog. From now on, I'll be doing weekly #100happydays updates or if you want to see them daily, you can follow me on Instagram.

Are you doing/have you done this challenge?