It's Sunday, which can only mean one thing, it's time for another Instavixen post! Today's features two weeks worth of my #100happydays challenge and a few extra pictures from my fortnight thrown in for good measure.

On Day 65 of my challenge, I pictured one of my favourite things about moving out: I have the choice to keep my fridge stocked with juices and smoothies at all times! Day 66 saw me on the wine yet again, while the morning after, I mused about how strange it is to drink a health smoothie out of a coca-cola glass. On Day 67 I took the opportunity to snap a selfie before I went to do a pub quiz with my amazing roller derby team mates. More about derby to come soon, I imagine!!

Last week was an excellent week for parcels. Above you see my Forever 21 parcel which was stuffed full of adorable new workout gear (again, post to come soon I imagine!) and the other parcel contained an adorable new phone case that I wasn't expecting to receive just yet. Day 68 of my challenge featured my shiny new roller derby tshirt and Day 69 was used to show off my not-so-shabby culinary skills. Risotto is a personal favourite!

I continued the food theme for a while in my happy little challenge and on day 70 I decided to brag about the healthiness. I cheated on day 71 and pictured the soy and ginger salmon, the finished product of the ingredients I previewed the day before. Day 72 was happy-sad one, because I finally finished watching Breaking Bad. Although I was completely hooked on this amazing series from start to finish, I fear I am a little too fragile for that kind of TV show. The day after, James and I visited Ed's Easy Diner for the first time at the Swindon Outlet Mall.

Day 73 was of course Easter so I pictured those amazing Egg N Spoon things. On Day 74 I pictured my actually meal I had a Ed's Easy Diner. I had a hot dog with cheese and bacon chips while James had a blue cheese burger. We had no idea there was such an establishment in Swindon, nevermind at the outlet we'd planned to visit for the day. This was Easter Monday and it was the most lovely day I've had in a while. When you're living with your boyfriend for the first time, it can be hard to stop treasuring each other's time as much so it was good to get out and do something new for the day.

On Day 75 I went for a run and pictured the beautiful gear I went to do my run in. It's actually superduper important for me to run on a regular basis now as it's 5 weeks until I do a 5K race! I'm actually participating in Race for Life in the fight against cancer which is pretty exciting, and explains where Day 76's picture comes in!

Again, this week has been another good week for parcels. One contained goodies from Boohoo, the two velvet dresses I pictured on Day 77 being my favourites. On Day 78, I received this Lipsy top which is one that was originally on sale YEARS AGO but I missed out. I saved a search on eBay for it, ultimately forgetting about it, until it popped up the other day and I was lucky enough to be the only bidder for it so got it for a measly £3! Day 79 saw me picture my new bedroom. We've been really, really slack on decorating since we actually moved into our house and stuff just hasn't been getting done but this weekend we decided enough was enough and it was time to get to work. As a result, our bedroom is looking wonderful! Now just to get the rest of the house finished and get some carpets in and sockets finished off.

Today I'm on day 80 of the challenge, and I pictured the gorgeous outfit I'm wearing today, my charcoal disco pants and my white and pink rose jumper which I love to pieces. I can't believe I only have 20 days of this challenge left! I started it on the day we got the keys to our house so it seems insane that it was almost 100 days ago!

All in all, I've had a very good week this week. How about you?