Hello everyone, today I thought I'd update you all on my #100happydays challenge since I rounded up my first 50 a fortnight ago. Currently I'm about 2 days behind, which is silly, because there's plenty that makes me happy at the moment! I'm sure I will have caught up by the end of today though.

Day 51: I got a hair cut and so had to take a selfie to commemorate it!

Day 52: there's always the most beautiful flowers knocking around at my boyfriend's mum's house!

Day 53: cooking in my house makes it feel much more like a home, rather than a building site!

Day 54: the bank sent us a nifty little mortgage gift pack

Day 55: a delicious stir fry for tea

Day 56: me with some main league players and some of the Wiltshire Roller Derby Fresh Meat!

Day 57: I went back to Wakefield last weekend!

Day 58: I've been reunited with some of my possessions again, including one of my favourite jumpers

Day 59: I can fake perfect skin if I need to with new Arbonne CC Cream

Day 60: lamb curry for tea

Day 61: James cooked me some delicious chicken quesadillas after I cut my finger!

Day 62: I did an amazing homemade chicken satay

Day 63: I really enjoyed swapping my trainers for 8 wheels at roller derby

Day 64: went out for drinks with James and his friend Sophie from university, had an amazing night!

So, that's what I've been up to/has been making me feel good this past fortnight, what about you?