Inspired by my love of alliteration, appreciation for Mondays and need for Motivation, today I’m introducing a new feature to The Glitter Vixen: Motivation Monday. Admittedly it’s not an entirely original feature, so I’m sending a nod in the direction of Sprinkle of Glitter (LOVE Louise) and anyway else who does this feature.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant”

Today’s quote is one I really do need to remind myself of more often. Productivity is a huge buzzword in my life - I despise days where I feel like I’ve done nothing of value and I often strive to complete To Do Lists that are just a little bit too ambitious. On those days where I don’t ensure world peace, end world hunger and build 100 wells across Africa, I often beat myself up because more often than not, I feel like I should be doing more.

In fact, even on those days where I do blitz through my To Do List, I often don’t feel as accomplished as I should because in a lot of cases, it’s a while before I get to see the results of my hard work - my harvest, so to speak.

However, I’ve come to realise there’s things of value - “seeds I plant” - in every day of my life. I’m currently endeavouring to recognise this more. For example, I often feel like days at work are wasted, because I come home absolutely shattered and barely manage to make it through my dinner that evening before I crash out for the night.

Yet, this is completely ridiculous - yes, some days I’d rather be blogging, reading, Arbonne-ing, sleeping, whatever - but my days at work are never wasted. I’m not exaggerating when I say every day at work is a learning curve for me. In just under three months, I’ve gone from writing like I’m writing essays, to writing like a journalist. I know 100% more about cloud computing than I used to. I’m much more aware of our government and its digital policies. I learn something new every day and I can think of no other traditional job I’d rather do.

Even those days where I do “nothing” aren’t wasted. The truth is I do a lot with my life, my job, decorating my house, exploring hobbies old and new - it’s only natural I get exhausted and burnt-out from time-to-time. Sometimes, the most valuable thing I can do with my time is relax, whether it’s watching a handful of Breaking Bad episodes or having an hour-long date with the Arbonne SeaSource Detox Spa range. When I take a day to myself, I renew myself ready for my commitments and responsibilities the next day.

Anyway, enough about me, what can today’s Motivation Monday do for you?

I'd urge you to take a step back and look at your own life. Are you more concerned with the rewards you recieve each day, or do you recognise how valuable those little steps you take each day towards your end goal are?

Remember a day is not a failure if you cannot immediately see what you have gained from it.

Ensure you plant your seeds each day, tend to them carefully and you shall have a bountiful harvest one day.