Whoa, I am definitely on a bit a scrubbing theme on this blog at the moment! Earlier this week I spoke about a scrub for your face, and the other week, I spoke about another body scrub!

Palmer’s was a brand I had long been fascinated by. While working at Superdrug, I noticed its products were very popular. One day, I’d run out of my previous body scrub when I noticed that the Palmer’s version was on offer so I thought I’d give it a go.

My initial thoughts were not good. After using body exfoliators that came in squeezable tubes for so long, I realised I wasn’t a fan of tubs I had to dig my claws into at all!

However, I pushed through my aversion to the packaging so I could focus on the product itself. All in all, it’s not a bad scrub. I like my body scrubs to have a lot more grit than my facial ones and this fit the bill nicely.

A generous amount would scrub and smooth my skin over, leaving it fresh and soft and ready for fake tan if I felt so inclined. It even smelt pretty good!

That being said, I just preferred the Superdrug Vitamin E Body Scrub. It smelt a lot nicer and worked just as well, but for a much better price.