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Way back in January when I was still blissfully unaware of how much moving house would disrupt my blogging schedule, I started a new Style Icon feature on the blog. It would seem I enjoy the style of fictional characters, as today's post is nod towards Electra Heart, a character played by Marina of Marina and the Diamonds.

For the uninitiated, Electra Heart is Marina's alter-ego of sorts, a part she created to explore the role of women in society and pop culture. Electra was used to explore some female "archetypes," such as the sex symbol, the bitch, the homewrecker and so on. You can Google it and get a good idea of what I'm on about. A pretty damn good album was created in the process too.

All cleverness aside though, Electra had pretty damn good style. There's pink, there's cream, there's lace, there's fur and there's embellishments. Guess what? This all goes down very well with me! While I actually do have a fair few pieces in my own wardrobe that would not look amiss in this post at all, I'm always wanting to expand this part of my wardrobe.

There's something almost sixties about Electra's style and I really like the well-off housewife look. Writing that down doesn't sound so hot, but if you check the pictures I've included in this post, you'll see what I mean.

It's not just the clothing I like, it's really the entire aesthetic. I love the wide-eyed doll makeup, the fake beauty spot and even the "wear your heart on your cheek" thing too. I of course adore bleach blonde/silver hair and had it not destroyed my hair, it's a look I'd be happy to still be sporting today.

Electra Heart Inspired

To celebrate Marina's/Electra's style, I whipped up this demo outfit on Polyvore. I'd definitely pass on buying the exact pieces in this set, but the Missguided dress is something I'm seriously considering and similar items to the rest would be welcomed into my wardrobe.

Are you a fan of Marina and the Diamonds?

(I am, if that wasn't obvious yet!)