I am a huge lover of Spring and Summer. Yes, I love the warmer weather, the sunshine, flowers everywhere and cherry blossom, yet I’ve gotta admit it’s the fashion trends that resurface around this time of year that really get me going. Pastel colours are probably my favourite SS trend, but they’re always closely followed by florals.

Floral two-pieces and suits have vaguely been on my radar since last Spring, but I never really thought about personally owning one. With the return of the Sun recently, I have been very tempted by them and when I saw my lovely friend Orla sporting one on Instagram recently, I was suddenly completely sold.

Her short and jacket combination was a lovely muted neon number from Primark and it looked amazing! I did have a gander in Primark when I was in town the other day and while I loved it, I decided to have a shop around before I bought the exact same one as her, which is when I found the two eBay ones pictured above.

Blue is not a colour I normally go for, so I think the one on the left would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I actually found the most beautiful white blouse with blue detailing on the collar, which would finish an amazing outfit! I haven’t quite decided whether this would be an evening, work or daytime outfit yet, but I imagine by playing around with different accessories and footwear, I can make it appropriate for a number of occasions.

The second suit is a little more familiar to me in terms of colouring, however the yellow/orange type colours in it make it just a little bit different. I particularly like the versatility of this one; I can imagine myself wearing it with a variety of multi-coloured vest tops. I could go for plain black or white, but also go for pink, orange or yellow and it would still look great. I could go to town on colour-block accessories too. Hot pink heels and handbag anyone?

I’m not so sure what it is that has got me so hooked on coordinated pieces recently. I think it’s that effortless style thing. I’ve gone crazy for buying and lusting after dresses recently because they’re the easiest fashionable outfit ever. While a suit/two-piece is two separate items, they easily come together to make an easy but totally brilliant looking outfit.

While this post in mainly dedicated to two-pieces of the floral variety, in my hunt for the perfect suit, I stumbled across this amazing elephant print version from ASOS.

I absolutely adore elephants, to the point where I have four tattooed on my back so I really think this piece of tailoring is meant for me and deserves a special mention!

Since I first started drafting this post, I’ve also come across this amazing pink tartan set from Missguided. It’s very Cher Horowitz (Clueless) and I think I’m going to have to put it on my birthday list!!

What do you think of coordinates?