Introducing Operation Supervixen

Last year, I wrote a series of posts underneath the title "Operation Improved Lifestyle." The aim was all about, you guessed it, improving my lifestyle. However, as usual life got in the way and all the amazing plans I had for myself and content for the blog as a result of this got pushed to one side and forgotten about. Not to mention, "Operation Improved Lifestyle" is hardly the catchiest title is it?

Introducing Operation Supervixen...

I'm currently in the process of majorly revamping my life. After weeks upon weeks of being miserable and wishing I could go "home" (wherever that is) I've finally got tired of my own bullshit and I want out.

Last week, I started taking the steps I needed to take to turn my life around and really start loving myself and being alive again. Besides the daily reading of personal development material and forcing myself into a routine that maximises my productivity, I decided it was time to sit down and really set myself some improvement goals to work towards and pull myself out of a slump I've been in for a while.

Of course, in a nod towards the name of this blog and a favourite song, I had to call my new self development programme "Operation Supervixen" and nothing helps me as much as seeing other people overcome their own demons, so I just have to share my progress on the blog.

Over the next few months (few years?!) I'll be making changes to my diet, exercise habits, the way I spend my free time and many more things in an attempt to improve both my physical and mental health. I'll be blogging about the changes I'm making and their success levels in the hopes that I'll help someone else out there too.

For example, I'm currently embarking upon Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Bootcamp and re-reading her 30 Day RSL Letters from the beginning to keep me focused on the positives over the next 30-days. When I do courses or read books along my way, I will no doubt be reviewing them as part of this series!

My Operation Supervixen Goals...

To structure this new blog series, I've decided to set myself a number of goals and targets to hit, periodicly reporting on my progress.

1) Find myself a diet plan that helps me feel my best physically and mentally
2) Plan an exercise schedule that fits in with the demand of my 9-5 Mon-Fri job
3) Practice counteracting negative thoughts with positive ones to improve my overall mood
4) Use my free time wisely in a way that enlightens and improves my mind, rather than aimlessly browsing the Internet, melting my brain and ensuring my depression and anxiety stay put
5) Work out a way to have a steady secondary income apart from my job in order to provide financial peace of mind
6) Share my discoveries and journey in an active attempt to improve the lives of others around me
7) Quit smoking, because there's absolutely no point in me working on my overall well being if I have the worst habit in the world!

Is there anything in particular you'd like me to cover as part of this series? Do get in touch!

Instavixen #12: #radicalselflovejuly So Far & Life Lately

What, it's Sunday, againalready?! Well, yes, it is, which is a shame because I'm enjoying the weekend with all its sunshine and lack of work. Ah well, let's catch up with what I've been up to this week and the photographs I've been posting on Instagram for the #radicalselflovejuly challenge! 

Day 14's prompt was "Get Physical" - so of course, I had to photograph my beloved skates for roller derby. Unfortunately I only ever got to skate in my very own pair once before my hiatus, but I love them dearly and can't wait to wear them to death.

Day 15 was all about Your Happy Place. At the moment, I'm not exactly sure where my happy place is (I think it might be my brand new sofa actually...) so I picked my favourite place in Aberystwyth, the sea front! I spent many a troubled day walking round here. Aber is cropping up a lot in this challenge!

Day 16 asked us all to share our favourite quote. I struggled for ages with this one as I adore inspirational quotes and try to collect as many as I possibly can. Eventually I settled on this one. It has always been particularly comforting to me when I'm going through difficult times.

Day 17 was about your city, but I don't actually live in a city anymore, just a teeny tiny town. However, it's beginning to feel a lot like home now and this is the view from my bedroom window. I adore my teeny tiny house!

Day 17's prompt was an inspiring friend. Well, three of the most inspirational women in my life are my sisters and I hope they consider me a friend! Florette often tells me I'm her best friend, but she's three. Even so - I admire Alice because she's not afraid to tell me how it is. Eve inspires me because she's never afraid to be herself. Florette inspires me because she can fall flat on her face and get back up like nothing has happened. I love them.

Day 19 was all about the great outdoors, particularly apt I feel considering the delightful weather we've been having recently! I just had to snap the lovely trees and gorgeous blue skies outside my house for this.

Finally, today is Day 20 and we've been showing off our radical self love totems! Except, I don't actually have one! *sad face* Despite reading Gala Darling's blogs about radical self love for years now, one thing I've never managed to get my hands on is a totem. I had a little look through the tag today on Instagram and I saw one girl, called Emily funnily enough, had chosen a name necklace as her totem. Immediately I knew that I had to get my hands on a custom Sugar and Vice necklace in pink glitter or pink mirror with my name on it! Totem problem solved...

This Week I've Been...

Reading: Game of Thrones, still! However, I have actually read a fair amount this week which is good. I really love the way it's written.

Watching: Surprisingly little actually! I've watched a fair few YouTube videos for the first time in ages but I've also watched two versions of the film Carrie, the 2013 one and the original 1976 version. It would be such a happy film if it ended with her being crowned prom queen...

Loving: having my mum come to visit, finally being the proud owner of some furniture, getting gorgeous smelling flowers, the crazy Sainsbury's shop I did with my free £100 giftcard, going for tapas and the sunshine!

What's your week been like fellow foxes?

Lush Cosmetic Warrior Facemask [Product Review]

First up, apologies for using an image from the Lush website, I appear to have misplaced the photos I took myself, but I felt this review was one I still had to share!

Goodness gracious, it feels like such a long time since the adventure I had to go on to get my hands on this product. When I first went to purchase it, my local Lush store at the time had missed a delivery and didn’t have it in stock. I left with some samples of Ultrabland and had to return at a later date to get it. Needless to say, Lush Cosmetic Warrior was worth the wait.

My interest in this product was piqued during a particularly bad patch of skin-related hell and a little growing Lush obsession I had at the time. I scoured the Lush website looking for the best mask to treat my blemish ravished skin and eventually settled on this one. A quick chat with the lovely lady in the shop confirmed I’d made the right choice.

So, how did it actually perform? I feel like the first thing I have to comment on is how this product smells. One of the key ingredients is actually garlic, and while I personally (weirdly) don’t mind running round stinking of the stuff, I know others do. So, I’m sure you’ll all be glad to know that the overriding smell in this product is actually the tea tree.

One thing I remember being told by the shop assistant is that this mark uses a honey and egg base rather than a clay one. This is advantageous because a traditional clay mask requires you dragging it across your skin, not so nice when your skin is feeling troubled as it is. I must say, this really did make a difference for me. Despite being quite messy, it was the easiest mask to apply and definitely the gentlest.

I really liked the immediate results I gained with this mask. It always eased out any redness I had from particularly angry spots. I also found it be very effective on those nasty, painful under-the-skin spots - it eased the pain and reduced the size.

As this is a fresh face mask, I only gained a handful of uses from it, but over the few weeks I was using it, my skin was always quite happy. It didn’t perfect my skin but it greatly improved it and certainly didn’t agitate it any further.

This is a product that right now, I wish I had in my life (too much to use up first!) and something I would recommend to anyone with oily, blemish-prone and generally upset skin.

It’s also great because unlike some other Lush products I used to use, the ingredients in this face mask are fresh, natural (sadly not vegan though) and there are no parabens.

What do you think of the Lush face mask offerings?

The Vixen Thinks: Be Your Own Valentine And Other Cliches

A common theme I see in self help literature is phrases such as "Be Your Own Valetine!" or "Be Your Own Best Friend" or "Treat Yourself How You Wish Others Would Treat You." They're honestly so cliche and cheesy - but they pop up so often, is there really some good advice in these overdone tropes?

Quite often, I treat myself terribly. Although I'm perfectly capable of dishing advice out to others, I never really take my own advice. When I want things I know I shouldn't, I make up excuses in my head to justify it. When I became obsessed with the idea of getting a loan for the wrong reasons, I told myself many questionable reasons why it would absolutely fine to get one. I tell myself it's fine to stay in bed all weekend, I'm sad, it's allowed, I'll do things another day.

Reverse the situation - if it was my friend doing these things, I'd be tell her the opposite of my own excuses. I'd tell her not to go back into that horrid emotionally abusive relationship. I'd tell her a loan was just going to create more long term problems because she couldn't pay it back. If she was feeling down in the dumps and refusing to get out of bed at the weekend, I'd let her know it wasn't helping her situation.

Deep down, we know a lot of the things we tell ourselves are true. We know we make up ridiculous excuses to do/not do certain things. I'm sure we all watch ourselves being excellent advisors to our friends and family, but never apply that knowledge to ourselves.


Perhaps then, there is something in the phrase "Be Your Own Best Friend." When you're in a nasty situation, take a step back from yourself, see yourself through the eyes of a trusted friend and then come to a decision.

What about being your own Valentine then?

Personally, I'm happiest when I treat myself with the same love and care I bestow on those most important to me. When I cook myself food, treat myself to Arbonne SeaSource Detox Spa bathtimes, even take myself on silly little dates, my life is 100% better. Try treating yourself like your own lover for a week and see what it does to your mood.

And treating yourself how you wish others would treat you?

When you treat yourself well, other people notice and it sets the standard for the way they should treat you. Isn't it a sad fact that you're much more likely to belittle a person who obviously belittles themself? Don't put yourself through this. Treat yourself how you wish to be treated and other people will follow. Not only that, when I see someone who treats themself with the utmost respect, I know that they'll treat me to that same respect.

After thinking about it, it has become clear to me that perhaps, many cliches are cliches for a reason. What do you think?

Missguided Crushing: Pastels + Lace

Whenever I go through a big life change, I suddenly start wanting to change everything. I get hair cuts, experiment with makeup and, of course, want a whole new wardrobe. Tell me I'm not alone in this?

Missguided is always one of my first stops when I'm wanting new clothes. Although I've had my issues with it in the past such as questionable quality and it always allowing me to order things that are always out of stock, there is always something I like on that site, no matter the season. More often than not, outfit posts on this blog will feature something from Missguided.

At the moment, I want to add more colour to my wardrobe and pastel shades are my favourite. I'm also a huge fan of lace, which Missguided has no shortage at the moment.

Here's a selection of the dresses I'm currently most wanting:

What do you think? I'm going to have to treat myself to at least one :)

Motivation Monday #2

Create Your Own Plan, Or Prepare To Become A Part Of Someone Else's!

As is to be expected, today's Motivation Monday quote is one that holds special meaning for me at the moment. Despite realising ages ago that I am at my absolute happiest when I am doing exactly what I want to do for myself and no one else, I still find myself living a life that isn't entirely my own. 

For example, although I was happy in my previous job, I took a new one because I enjoyed the feedback I got from other people - people are much nicer to you when you tell them you're a journalist rather than a team leader at Superdrug. I like the positive reinforcement I got from it, rather than considering whether this is really, really what I want to do. 

When you're in a traditional job, you're very much a part of someone else's plan. Someone else decides how much money you earn, someone else decides your development path. My job - and I know I'm not even remotely alone in this - is very, very time consuming, and I don't have a whole lot of Emily time anymore.

Another example, I moved down south, away from my friends, family and anything familiar to me because another person expected it of me. This person moving to my hometown, or meeting in the middle somewhere, was not even discussed. Obviously, that's left me in a bit of a pickle now...

Perhaps if I'd focused on myself a bit more and what I wanted from life as a whole, rather than laser-beaming in on one aspect of my life I thought I wanted very, very much, I could have made my own plan and I wouldn't feel as stuck as I do right now.

I know that deciding exactly what you want from life is so very, very difficult but it's also very important. And once you've decided what you want - not just what job you want, but your lifestyle, the types of relationships you want to attract, everything - you've got to have a plan, or you'll find yourself in someone else's. 

Do you really want to be just another pawn in someone else's plan for world domination? Do you really want to be an accessory for someone else's white picket fence? Or do you want to decide how much you earn, where you live, who you spend time with? I'm guessing it's the latter.

At the moment, I'm still deciding what it is what I want. But believe me, when I figure that out, you can bet your life I will not only plan how I'm going to there, but implement that plan too. How about you? 

Instavixen 11: #radicalselflovejuly So Far & Life Lately

So towards the end of June, one of my favourite bloggers, Gala Darling, posted about her Radical Self Love July Challenge. The timing was totally perfect - I'd been considering doing a photo challenge to get me into the habit of regular posting this month anyway, but one hosted by a favourite and with a self-loving theme - it was perfect! 

Day One's prompt was "Silly Selfie." In all honesty, I'm not the best at silly faces and often pull the open mouthed face you see on the left. In the end, I decided I'd just go for a "pretty" selfie, because hey, loving my looks is one part of loving myself yeah?  

Day two was all about your idol, so naturally I chose Courtney Love. For day three, it was Positive Graffiti. Not being into the whole real graffiti thing, I chose to make a graffiti page in my Radical Self Love Bible. 

Day four's theme was Reflection - I wasn't feeling all that creative, as you can see. Day five was about a Self Love Date. I'd wanted to go to the park to do some major life planning, but the weather meant it happened in bed.

Day six was all about my best feature. I'd initially thought to do my eyes or smile, but in the end, my ability to carry on, and be strong (like a diamond) won, hence the smiley diamond selfie. Day seven was about my favourite book, a tough one, but in the end Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy won.

Day eight was draw yourself - not one of my natural talents, but I like to think I still captured myself quite accurately. Day 9 was all about a Radical Self Love meal, so I cooked up my speciality: Bacon and Goat's Cheese Risotto. Looks awful, tastes wonderful. 

Day 10 was throwback Thursday, so naturally I posted my favourite picture ever. Day 11 was about your Radical Self Love Bible - I'm quite private about mine so I just show my tools and pretty notebook.

Day 12 was blogger favourite: What's In My Bag! While today's picture was a no makeup selfie. Sadly a weekend of drinking wine, eating crap and failing to take my makeup off one night means the Pacific Ring of Fire has erupted on my chin, so I've got a pillow conveniently over my face. Sorry! (Not.)

Besides #radicalselflovejuly, I managed to take a few other Instasnaps in the past week or so. Since I got my flat, my wicked stepmum has been sending me some wicked post. I've now got my makeup brushes stored in a Paris-themed pencil holder, a new book to read and my first ever Yankee candles - I get the hype now! I've also been drinking wine by the pint and giving myself glitter manicures.

In all honesty, my life is a little boring right now. My lack of social life and living all by myself means that I do a lot of not-really-bloggable stuff, although I'm never bored. I think I might start adding little "What I'm .... Currently" sections to my Instavixen posts though, for all you other fellow hermits!


Watching: Re-watching both Charmed and Buffy from the beginning, no explanation needed. I've also picked up on a Netflix original - From Dusk Til Dawn - based on the film of the same name and it is AWESOME. 

Reading: A Game of Thrones still. Although, admittedly, I don't think I've touched it for like a week. Oops!

Listening: Lana Del Rey's new album, Ultraviolence. Obsessed with the opening track, Cruel World.

Wanting: A grand total of EIGHT Missguided dresses. I miss the days when I would've bought them straight away without thinking about the consequences...damn maturity.

What have you been up to lately? Are you doing Radical Self Love July?

Loreal Purifying 3-in-1 Purifying Micellar Solution [Product Review]

Ahh Micellar Waters. I think there was a collective jump for joy in the beauty blogging world when high street brands started offering more affordable alternatives to things like Bioderma and Vichy. Vichy was actually the first micellar water I tried and I was super impressed by it. However, I'm not one for spending £10+ on makeup remover these days, so affordable alternatives it is!

When I bought this Loreal product, it was on offer so I only paid something silly like 2 or 3 pounds. For 200ml of product, it was well worth it. Simply apply to a cotton wool pad, sweep over your eyes and face and makeup is gone! While I don't use micellar waters on their own - I always follow with a proper cleanser and running water routine - I'd much rather use micellar water and a cotton pad than a face wipe on lazy nights.

Previously on this blog, I've reviewed the B. Micellar Water which I was slightly disappointed with because it stung my eyes! I'm pleased to report Loreal's offering is not like this at all, it's super duper gentle so you can use it to remove any visible eye makeup, as well as getting all your face makeup off too.

While I wouldn't buy this product at full price because there's now products that cost the same but with twice as much product, when it's on a good offer I would totally recommend it. Amazingly gentle, very effective and the perfect pre-cleanse product. As much as I loved Vichy, I can't ever see myself buying a more expensive micellar solution again when ones like this are so much cheaper and just as effective.

What do you think about the micellar water market?

The Vixen Thinks: Living A Whole, Full Life

As I battle through what has probably been the most devastating breakup of my life, it has become evidently clear that the reason I am taking it so hard is not because I've lost a "great person," but because I had centred my whole life around him and become wholly dependent on him.

It got me thinking about one of my favourite personal development books, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. In one particular chapter in this book, she explains the importance of having multiple important areas in your life.

Although it has been a while since I read the book, that particular part of it really stands out for me now. Jeffers' argument is that if you have lots of important "compartments" in your life, if you lose one, you've still got plenty to fill the gap. For example, if in your life you place importance on your romantic relationship, family, friends, your job, a particular hobby but your significant other walks out of your life - you've still got family, friends, your job and your hobby to keep you going.

In my personal experience, this is absolutely right. When I made the decision to move down south, I gave up my family, my friends, a job I enjoyed, even my hobby of blogging was sacrificed. I did it all because I thought this one person was worth it. Guess what, they weren't.

Even when I moved down here - I only have my job because my ex got me it. When I started doing roller derby, I could only afford that because he gave me lifts and I paid him barely any rent. Now he's gone, I feel so lost because my family are far away, my friends are far away, I can't do roller derby anymore and I even struggled to blog for a while.

My message to you is this: don't place all your eggs in one basket. If you're in wonderful relationship, that's fantastic, but make sure that's not all your life is about. Throw yourself into your job or find a new one if you must. Make the effort with your family. Join clubs and make new friends, keep up with the ones you've already got. Pursue your hobbies with love and vigour. Make sure you've got things to fill that gap should you lose something.

If I'd taken a little time to invest in myself - perhaps finding my own job, learning to drive, being a little more savvy with my money - just maybe, maybe I'd be doing even better right now than I already am doing. Sure, a big hole has appeared in my life but I'm doing what I can to fill it.

Are you?

OOTD: Courtney Love Gig

Outfit Details:
Coat: Sainsbury's 
Dress: Boohoo
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Matalan
Flower Crown: Prairie Charms
Necklace: Primark   

It has been so long since I last sat down to do an outfit post that I have no idea how to begin one. I suppose I'll start with an apology for the mirror pics. My tripod seems to be a casualty of moving, sadly, I haven't seen it for months. Hoping it's in one of the boxes I am yet to get back from my ex, but we will see.

These photos were actually taken nearly two months ago now, eek! I'm not one to let things go to waste though and it's still an outfit I adore, so why not share?

This lovely pale pink velvet dress was one of the last cheeky purchases I made and it was so definitely worth it. I'm not sure when I started liking velvet. I remember when it first became popular again a few years ago; me, my stepmum and sisters would go into Leeds and proclaim "ewwww" everytime we saw it. Funny how things change, especially considering this is just one of two velvet dresses I bought on the same occasion.

As I feel velvet tends to do enough talking on its own, accessorising was simple. The block colour of the dress called for a pretty statement necklace and my favourite one is this Primark number my lovely sister got me for Christmas. I most likely had earrings as well, but you can never tell underneath my hair. Because it was a special occasion, out came the flower crown too.

Despite being in May, it was actually freezing so tights and the coat were totally necessary. I adore pastel and unusually coloured tights, so when I saw this white pair with teeny tiny heart detailing on, I couldn't resist. In fact, I ordered five more pairs in various colours and patterns. Sadly, they weren't the best quality and I've demolished most pairs. Thanfully my gorgeous (childrens) coat is a lot sturdier. It's so pretty don't you think? Fitting into kids stuff is definitely a perk of being small.

So, as the title suggests, this is the outfit I wore when I went to see Courtney Love. Hopefully, you'll be hearing a little more about that later on this week!

Are you a velvet fan?

25 Before 25

Since I turned 21, each year I've been doing [age] before [next age lists]. My 21 Before 22 list failed pretty spectacularly and I'm aware I never really reported back on how my 22 Before 23 list went because of my *tough times* Taking a look over it now, I'm pretty pleased with how I did with that list - in the end, I completed 12 and made a start on most of the others. Not perfect, but a lot can change in a year!

I think lists like this are a great tool to help you live the kind  of life you want. It gives you a specific timescale to work towards which is super important when setting yourself goals. It can give you something to look forward to regularly over the course of 12 months, or inspire you to do that thing you've always said you're going to do. You might break out of your comfort zone! I really recommend it.

As I'm slowly getting older and older (why is it 20 somethings always feel SO OLD?!) I'm noticing it's harder and harder to create a realistic number of goals that corresponds with the age I'm turning, so this year, instead of going for 23 Before 24, it's a 25 Before 25 list, giving me just under two years to complete a list this time. My 25th birthday will be 25th May 2016. 

Without further ado...

Image via Ulrika Torning on Flickr 

1) Pass My Driving Test
It's so embarrassing that this is a goal I still need to reach. Failing my test twice previously has given me all  sorts of anxiety surrounding driving and I've constantly been using excuses such as lack of funding or time to  not tick this one off. Truth is, I've never really needed to drive before - but now, I really need to learn. I'm hoping moving to an area where public transport is awful and the fact that I've had to give up roller derby due to not being able to get there anymore gives me the kick up the bum I've been needing to get on the road.

2) Go to a Theme Park and Actually Go ON The Rides
Another one that keeps cropping up again and again! Although I'm actually terrified of rollercoasters and big rides, I've had a craving to go back to Alton Towers, or my favourite, Gardaland in Italy, for ages now. Need to pull myself together and get this organised!

3) Read Two Books A Month
Since finishing university, I just haven't been the avid reader I used to be. Setting myself targets such as this means I ensure that I set aside time to pursue what used to be my favourite hobby!

4) Go A Day Without The Internet And My Phone
This was on last year's list as well. It's wholly embarrassing I can't manage this. It can't be healthy that I am so attached to the Internet and I want to sort this.

5) Go Abroad
I will literally settle for anywhere abroad, just as long as it happens soon, although leaning towards childhood family holiday destination of Benidorm right now.

Image via Georgie Paulwels on Flickr 
6) Watch a Horror Movie Everyday in October
This goal was inspired by my beloved Wednesday 13, who does this too! I've been trying to do this for a few years but never quite manage it. Hopefully I'll manage it in at least one of the October's before my 25th birthday. 

7) Write (At Least) Weekly Gratitude Lists
I have a terrible habit of completely and utterly forgetting anything good about my life the second something even remotely bad happens. When I make the effort to write Gratitude Lists, I am lot better at seeing the balance in my life. At the moment, I'm writing them daily in my notebook, but to hold myself accountable I think I will post them publicly on Tumblr once a week. 

8) Complete the Blogilates Beginner Calendar and Follow It With One of Her Monthly Ones
At the moment, I'm starting to get quite fit again. I walked to and from work most days, which is 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back. It's really helped me, especially because I'm not doing roller derby at the moment. I thought "Get fit" was too vague a goal, so here's something quantifiable. 

9) Start Roller Derby Again And Pass My Minimum Skills
Although I can't do it at the moment, the short time I spent training with Wiltshire Roller Derby was so incredibly fun and I invested a lot of money in my kit. It's something I absolutely must do again one day when I can and to play on a league officially, I need to pass the Minimum Skills test.

10) Visit Bounce Below
Here's a link to Bounce Below, just look at it, and you'll get it.

Image via Teresa Ling on Flickr
11) Quit Smoking
Sadly, in the past few months I've turned back to an old coping mechanism, the gross habit of smoking. No point at all working on my overall health if I'm still doing this, so hoping to cross this one off sooner, rather than later. 

12) Visit Scotland
My brother is currently at Glasgow School of Art so I'd love to go visit him. Not to mention I'm the only one of my siblings to have not been to Scotland before.

13) Redesign My Blog
Because while I'm happy with it now, I know I won't be when I'm  25! #fickle 

14) Write an eBook
I've been toying with the idea of writing a non-fiction ebook for a few months now. Not 100% of what's it's going to be about, but I have some themes in mind. Be good to get this done before my 25th!

15) Hit 500 BlogLovin Followers
Bit of a vanity one here, but in a year and a half I've got over 200 followers, so I'm sure 500 is achievable!

16) Book Myself a Professional Massage
I've been a fan of massages for ages, yet I've never had a "real" professional one. Definitely about time!

17) Watch a Sunset
Because I miss watching the sun go down over the sea in Aberystwyth

18) Watch a Sunrise
Because getting up early is a wonderful thing I don't do enough.

19) Get My Nails Done Professionally
I love doing my own nails, but I also love a good pamper and shockingly, a professional manicure is something I've never had done before. Need to get this done!

20) Hit Regional Vice President In Arbonne
Admittedly, my Arbonne business has stalled to a halt in light of recent events. I'd originally planned on making RVP by 1st January 2015 but honestly, I've not put in the work for that. I'd like to think this is still obtainable before I'm 25 though! Hellooooo white Mercedes (hopefully I'll finish goal one before goal 20!)

21) Get My Tattoo Touched Up
I was so desperate to get my first tattoo done, that I really rushed the design. Although I'd been planning four elephants for YEARS, I didn't get it properly designed. If I had it done again now, I'd do a lot differently, so I'm on the lookout for a super talented artist who can help me tweak it to get exactly what I want. DON'T RUSH TATTOOS KIDS.

22) Go to Laduree...IN PARIS
Going abroad is classed as a separate goal to this. Me. Greedy.

23) Stop Biting My Nails
The thought of being a 25-year-old who still bites her nails and has to hide them under falsies is pure embarrassing.

24) See Lana Del Rey/Marina and the Diamonds/Lorde
Hopefully at the very least I will snag tickets for one of these before I'm 25!

25) Stay Out Until the Lights in the Club Come On
Just because I used to do this all the time in second year uni and I haven't done it since. Miss being a party girl!

Do you write these kinds of lists? Link me up, I love reading them!