Since I turned 21, each year I've been doing [age] before [next age lists]. My 21 Before 22 list failed pretty spectacularly and I'm aware I never really reported back on how my 22 Before 23 list went because of my *tough times* Taking a look over it now, I'm pretty pleased with how I did with that list - in the end, I completed 12 and made a start on most of the others. Not perfect, but a lot can change in a year!

I think lists like this are a great tool to help you live the kind  of life you want. It gives you a specific timescale to work towards which is super important when setting yourself goals. It can give you something to look forward to regularly over the course of 12 months, or inspire you to do that thing you've always said you're going to do. You might break out of your comfort zone! I really recommend it.

As I'm slowly getting older and older (why is it 20 somethings always feel SO OLD?!) I'm noticing it's harder and harder to create a realistic number of goals that corresponds with the age I'm turning, so this year, instead of going for 23 Before 24, it's a 25 Before 25 list, giving me just under two years to complete a list this time. My 25th birthday will be 25th May 2016. 

Without further ado...

Image via Ulrika Torning on Flickr 

1) Pass My Driving Test
It's so embarrassing that this is a goal I still need to reach. Failing my test twice previously has given me all  sorts of anxiety surrounding driving and I've constantly been using excuses such as lack of funding or time to  not tick this one off. Truth is, I've never really needed to drive before - but now, I really need to learn. I'm hoping moving to an area where public transport is awful and the fact that I've had to give up roller derby due to not being able to get there anymore gives me the kick up the bum I've been needing to get on the road.

2) Go to a Theme Park and Actually Go ON The Rides
Another one that keeps cropping up again and again! Although I'm actually terrified of rollercoasters and big rides, I've had a craving to go back to Alton Towers, or my favourite, Gardaland in Italy, for ages now. Need to pull myself together and get this organised!

3) Read Two Books A Month
Since finishing university, I just haven't been the avid reader I used to be. Setting myself targets such as this means I ensure that I set aside time to pursue what used to be my favourite hobby!

4) Go A Day Without The Internet And My Phone
This was on last year's list as well. It's wholly embarrassing I can't manage this. It can't be healthy that I am so attached to the Internet and I want to sort this.

5) Go Abroad
I will literally settle for anywhere abroad, just as long as it happens soon, although leaning towards childhood family holiday destination of Benidorm right now.

Image via Georgie Paulwels on Flickr 
6) Watch a Horror Movie Everyday in October
This goal was inspired by my beloved Wednesday 13, who does this too! I've been trying to do this for a few years but never quite manage it. Hopefully I'll manage it in at least one of the October's before my 25th birthday. 

7) Write (At Least) Weekly Gratitude Lists
I have a terrible habit of completely and utterly forgetting anything good about my life the second something even remotely bad happens. When I make the effort to write Gratitude Lists, I am lot better at seeing the balance in my life. At the moment, I'm writing them daily in my notebook, but to hold myself accountable I think I will post them publicly on Tumblr once a week. 

8) Complete the Blogilates Beginner Calendar and Follow It With One of Her Monthly Ones
At the moment, I'm starting to get quite fit again. I walked to and from work most days, which is 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back. It's really helped me, especially because I'm not doing roller derby at the moment. I thought "Get fit" was too vague a goal, so here's something quantifiable. 

9) Start Roller Derby Again And Pass My Minimum Skills
Although I can't do it at the moment, the short time I spent training with Wiltshire Roller Derby was so incredibly fun and I invested a lot of money in my kit. It's something I absolutely must do again one day when I can and to play on a league officially, I need to pass the Minimum Skills test.

10) Visit Bounce Below
Here's a link to Bounce Below, just look at it, and you'll get it.

Image via Teresa Ling on Flickr
11) Quit Smoking
Sadly, in the past few months I've turned back to an old coping mechanism, the gross habit of smoking. No point at all working on my overall health if I'm still doing this, so hoping to cross this one off sooner, rather than later. 

12) Visit Scotland
My brother is currently at Glasgow School of Art so I'd love to go visit him. Not to mention I'm the only one of my siblings to have not been to Scotland before.

13) Redesign My Blog
Because while I'm happy with it now, I know I won't be when I'm  25! #fickle 

14) Write an eBook
I've been toying with the idea of writing a non-fiction ebook for a few months now. Not 100% of what's it's going to be about, but I have some themes in mind. Be good to get this done before my 25th!

15) Hit 500 BlogLovin Followers
Bit of a vanity one here, but in a year and a half I've got over 200 followers, so I'm sure 500 is achievable!

16) Book Myself a Professional Massage
I've been a fan of massages for ages, yet I've never had a "real" professional one. Definitely about time!

17) Watch a Sunset
Because I miss watching the sun go down over the sea in Aberystwyth

18) Watch a Sunrise
Because getting up early is a wonderful thing I don't do enough.

19) Get My Nails Done Professionally
I love doing my own nails, but I also love a good pamper and shockingly, a professional manicure is something I've never had done before. Need to get this done!

20) Hit Regional Vice President In Arbonne
Admittedly, my Arbonne business has stalled to a halt in light of recent events. I'd originally planned on making RVP by 1st January 2015 but honestly, I've not put in the work for that. I'd like to think this is still obtainable before I'm 25 though! Hellooooo white Mercedes (hopefully I'll finish goal one before goal 20!)

21) Get My Tattoo Touched Up
I was so desperate to get my first tattoo done, that I really rushed the design. Although I'd been planning four elephants for YEARS, I didn't get it properly designed. If I had it done again now, I'd do a lot differently, so I'm on the lookout for a super talented artist who can help me tweak it to get exactly what I want. DON'T RUSH TATTOOS KIDS.

22) Go to Laduree...IN PARIS
Going abroad is classed as a separate goal to this. Me. Greedy.

23) Stop Biting My Nails
The thought of being a 25-year-old who still bites her nails and has to hide them under falsies is pure embarrassing.

24) See Lana Del Rey/Marina and the Diamonds/Lorde
Hopefully at the very least I will snag tickets for one of these before I'm 25!

25) Stay Out Until the Lights in the Club Come On
Just because I used to do this all the time in second year uni and I haven't done it since. Miss being a party girl!

Do you write these kinds of lists? Link me up, I love reading them!