So towards the end of June, one of my favourite bloggers, Gala Darling, posted about her Radical Self Love July Challenge. The timing was totally perfect - I'd been considering doing a photo challenge to get me into the habit of regular posting this month anyway, but one hosted by a favourite and with a self-loving theme - it was perfect! 

Day One's prompt was "Silly Selfie." In all honesty, I'm not the best at silly faces and often pull the open mouthed face you see on the left. In the end, I decided I'd just go for a "pretty" selfie, because hey, loving my looks is one part of loving myself yeah?  

Day two was all about your idol, so naturally I chose Courtney Love. For day three, it was Positive Graffiti. Not being into the whole real graffiti thing, I chose to make a graffiti page in my Radical Self Love Bible. 

Day four's theme was Reflection - I wasn't feeling all that creative, as you can see. Day five was about a Self Love Date. I'd wanted to go to the park to do some major life planning, but the weather meant it happened in bed.

Day six was all about my best feature. I'd initially thought to do my eyes or smile, but in the end, my ability to carry on, and be strong (like a diamond) won, hence the smiley diamond selfie. Day seven was about my favourite book, a tough one, but in the end Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy won.

Day eight was draw yourself - not one of my natural talents, but I like to think I still captured myself quite accurately. Day 9 was all about a Radical Self Love meal, so I cooked up my speciality: Bacon and Goat's Cheese Risotto. Looks awful, tastes wonderful. 

Day 10 was throwback Thursday, so naturally I posted my favourite picture ever. Day 11 was about your Radical Self Love Bible - I'm quite private about mine so I just show my tools and pretty notebook.

Day 12 was blogger favourite: What's In My Bag! While today's picture was a no makeup selfie. Sadly a weekend of drinking wine, eating crap and failing to take my makeup off one night means the Pacific Ring of Fire has erupted on my chin, so I've got a pillow conveniently over my face. Sorry! (Not.)

Besides #radicalselflovejuly, I managed to take a few other Instasnaps in the past week or so. Since I got my flat, my wicked stepmum has been sending me some wicked post. I've now got my makeup brushes stored in a Paris-themed pencil holder, a new book to read and my first ever Yankee candles - I get the hype now! I've also been drinking wine by the pint and giving myself glitter manicures.

In all honesty, my life is a little boring right now. My lack of social life and living all by myself means that I do a lot of not-really-bloggable stuff, although I'm never bored. I think I might start adding little "What I'm .... Currently" sections to my Instavixen posts though, for all you other fellow hermits!


Watching: Re-watching both Charmed and Buffy from the beginning, no explanation needed. I've also picked up on a Netflix original - From Dusk Til Dawn - based on the film of the same name and it is AWESOME. 

Reading: A Game of Thrones still. Although, admittedly, I don't think I've touched it for like a week. Oops!

Listening: Lana Del Rey's new album, Ultraviolence. Obsessed with the opening track, Cruel World.

Wanting: A grand total of EIGHT Missguided dresses. I miss the days when I would've bought them straight away without thinking about the consequences...damn maturity.

What have you been up to lately? Are you doing Radical Self Love July?