What, it's Sunday, againalready?! Well, yes, it is, which is a shame because I'm enjoying the weekend with all its sunshine and lack of work. Ah well, let's catch up with what I've been up to this week and the photographs I've been posting on Instagram for the #radicalselflovejuly challenge! 

Day 14's prompt was "Get Physical" - so of course, I had to photograph my beloved skates for roller derby. Unfortunately I only ever got to skate in my very own pair once before my hiatus, but I love them dearly and can't wait to wear them to death.

Day 15 was all about Your Happy Place. At the moment, I'm not exactly sure where my happy place is (I think it might be my brand new sofa actually...) so I picked my favourite place in Aberystwyth, the sea front! I spent many a troubled day walking round here. Aber is cropping up a lot in this challenge!

Day 16 asked us all to share our favourite quote. I struggled for ages with this one as I adore inspirational quotes and try to collect as many as I possibly can. Eventually I settled on this one. It has always been particularly comforting to me when I'm going through difficult times.

Day 17 was about your city, but I don't actually live in a city anymore, just a teeny tiny town. However, it's beginning to feel a lot like home now and this is the view from my bedroom window. I adore my teeny tiny house!

Day 17's prompt was an inspiring friend. Well, three of the most inspirational women in my life are my sisters and I hope they consider me a friend! Florette often tells me I'm her best friend, but she's three. Even so - I admire Alice because she's not afraid to tell me how it is. Eve inspires me because she's never afraid to be herself. Florette inspires me because she can fall flat on her face and get back up like nothing has happened. I love them.

Day 19 was all about the great outdoors, particularly apt I feel considering the delightful weather we've been having recently! I just had to snap the lovely trees and gorgeous blue skies outside my house for this.

Finally, today is Day 20 and we've been showing off our radical self love totems! Except, I don't actually have one! *sad face* Despite reading Gala Darling's blogs about radical self love for years now, one thing I've never managed to get my hands on is a totem. I had a little look through the tag today on Instagram and I saw one girl, called Emily funnily enough, had chosen a name necklace as her totem. Immediately I knew that I had to get my hands on a custom Sugar and Vice necklace in pink glitter or pink mirror with my name on it! Totem problem solved...

This Week I've Been...

Reading: Game of Thrones, still! However, I have actually read a fair amount this week which is good. I really love the way it's written.

Watching: Surprisingly little actually! I've watched a fair few YouTube videos for the first time in ages but I've also watched two versions of the film Carrie, the 2013 one and the original 1976 version. It would be such a happy film if it ended with her being crowned prom queen...

Loving: having my mum come to visit, finally being the proud owner of some furniture, getting gorgeous smelling flowers, the crazy Sainsbury's shop I did with my free £100 giftcard, going for tapas and the sunshine!

What's your week been like fellow foxes?