Last year, I wrote a series of posts underneath the title "Operation Improved Lifestyle." The aim was all about, you guessed it, improving my lifestyle. However, as usual life got in the way and all the amazing plans I had for myself and content for the blog as a result of this got pushed to one side and forgotten about. Not to mention, "Operation Improved Lifestyle" is hardly the catchiest title is it?

Introducing Operation Supervixen...

I'm currently in the process of majorly revamping my life. After weeks upon weeks of being miserable and wishing I could go "home" (wherever that is) I've finally got tired of my own bullshit and I want out.

Last week, I started taking the steps I needed to take to turn my life around and really start loving myself and being alive again. Besides the daily reading of personal development material and forcing myself into a routine that maximises my productivity, I decided it was time to sit down and really set myself some improvement goals to work towards and pull myself out of a slump I've been in for a while.

Of course, in a nod towards the name of this blog and a favourite song, I had to call my new self development programme "Operation Supervixen" and nothing helps me as much as seeing other people overcome their own demons, so I just have to share my progress on the blog.

Over the next few months (few years?!) I'll be making changes to my diet, exercise habits, the way I spend my free time and many more things in an attempt to improve both my physical and mental health. I'll be blogging about the changes I'm making and their success levels in the hopes that I'll help someone else out there too.

For example, I'm currently embarking upon Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Bootcamp and re-reading her 30 Day RSL Letters from the beginning to keep me focused on the positives over the next 30-days. When I do courses or read books along my way, I will no doubt be reviewing them as part of this series!

My Operation Supervixen Goals...

To structure this new blog series, I've decided to set myself a number of goals and targets to hit, periodicly reporting on my progress.

1) Find myself a diet plan that helps me feel my best physically and mentally
2) Plan an exercise schedule that fits in with the demand of my 9-5 Mon-Fri job
3) Practice counteracting negative thoughts with positive ones to improve my overall mood
4) Use my free time wisely in a way that enlightens and improves my mind, rather than aimlessly browsing the Internet, melting my brain and ensuring my depression and anxiety stay put
5) Work out a way to have a steady secondary income apart from my job in order to provide financial peace of mind
6) Share my discoveries and journey in an active attempt to improve the lives of others around me
7) Quit smoking, because there's absolutely no point in me working on my overall well being if I have the worst habit in the world!

Is there anything in particular you'd like me to cover as part of this series? Do get in touch!